Alfa Romeo Tonale, an Italian who wanted to do better than the Peugeot 3008

Alfa Romeo Tonale, an Italian who wanted to do better than the Peugeot 3008

An example of the Alfa Romeo revival, Tonale has two missions: competing with the first Germans and eliminating brand sales. To achieve this, it intends to use its style, technology and driving experience.

Thunder in the automotive world… Or rather, Tonale! Alfa Romeo is finally on its way to market His new SUV. This is good news for the brand, which will therefore expand its hunger line so far not only created by the aging Stelvio and Giulia, but also for Alfist who have been waiting for years.the true awakening of Biscione.

It must be said that it will be necessary to be patient to see the land of the Tonale. Previously shown in a conceptual framework in Geneva in 2019, the guest has been delayed several times. First because of the alliance between the FCA and the PSA, then because of the international catastrophe and finally because ofbrand boss Jean-Philippe Imparato wanted it to be as successful as possible, up to German payment rates.

Good to know: expect a purchase and sale again.

It is possible to determine the resale or commercial value of your vehicle with your automatic Albo Romeo Tonale Turbo rating, an alternative to the Argus rating.

100% Alpha.

One thing is for sure, for good, there is no German. Tonale is actually 100% Italian, 100% Alpha. Trilobo the front end is there, with a Scudetto grille and 3 + 3 lights lit by SZ Zagato. The compact SUV extends to a flexible profile of 4.53 meters which will place it as a competitor to the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA.

More observers will have discovered other old nodes such as 33 Stradale style rimsrear window ofinspiration 8C and Montreal green. Friends Alfist don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with the two launch colors (green and blue), Alpha red is on the list. However, it is not illuminated in the slightest order distinguish Tonale from his older brother Stelvio.

The end of Italy

Once on board, it is very easy to find your professions. The steering wheel is still the same, and the start button is placed under the left branch, the telescopic shape of the hat reminds you of the old Alfas and a small Italian flag the bottom of the gear lever reminds you that it is actually a model Made in Italycollected at the Pomigliano d’Arco factory near Naples.

And as usual with transalpine vehicles, everything is not perfect and this definitely contributes to their personality. Take the material, which develops compared to Stelvio and Giulia, is still there perfect, and back compared to the German premium. Combined leather, chrome components and foam plastic are associated with many hard plastics, especially on the dashboard and on top of door panels. Same thing for some inspection assemblies near the door handles.

Another thing that Tonale was expected to do, his sense of generosity. And the Alpha SUV does not disappoint! Its access to the board is easy, its back legs are comfortable for adults and its bedroom is adequate for adults.. Only the middle passenger can be bothered by a central tunnel intersecting with a relatively hard back, turning into a sliding part. For others, the stem has also been well thought out since then its volume of 500 liters it can satisfy families who like to go on vacation. Even if the base module (folding seat 60/40) would be worth more maintenance.

Updated Alpha

On the other hand, and this is where we expected, Tonale has no problem with any criticism in terms of technology. A 12-inch digital device on the board that can be adjusted in a number of cases can be readable and easy to use, such as a 10-inch touch screen that controls infotainment and is integrated with Alexa sound assistant. Icing on the ergonomics cake, Alpha has decided setting physical orders for climate control, volume and selector drive driver mode.

The Milanese SUV even allows itself small penetration into the metaverse as it is the first car on the market to be equippedNFT digital certificate (Non Fungible Token) or non-fungal token in French. In other words, an unplayable identity card, based on blockchain technology that will authorize the Tonale after its purchase and all its presence. The type of playable maintenance memory associated with 5 year warranty or 200,000 km adding the residual value of the model.

Lots of new things for Alfa Romeo as Tonale is located first hybrid Alfa Romeo. In addition, no 100% fuel engine will be available on the list, customers will be forced to choose between them two small 48V mixers (130 and 160 hp) and a plug-in mixer variant of 275 horsepower is available later.

Madness of Youngtimers – TURBO summary 08/05/2022

Alpha spirit, are you there?

The 160 horsepower version has features 1.5 turbo gasoline 4 cylinder (with different geometry, first) connected to a 7-speed TCT gearbox and a 48 kW and 55 Nm small electric motor engine mounted on the transmission.. A small 0.8 kWh battery allows Tonale to start, drive very slowly and park in an electric mode. Not more!

In the city, the system is convincing. The tonale turns the heads of passersby in silence, and with good comfort even without controlled (optional) contamination. Slightly printed, strong DNA is compelling, Tonale suspension is characterized by maintaining the SUV body properly in turn. Road behavior has been successful and the Italian is very pleasant to take together on hilly courses.

Its orientation, slightly lower than that of Stelvio and Giulia, is appropriate and generous in the comments, except for the middle which is very soft. And its well-directed front axle perfectly digests 160 horsepower. Finally, the driving experience is more of a sport than with his cousin Jeep Compass with whom he shares a chassis, reinforced for the occasion front and back. This should make Alfist who is allergic to SUVs grind the pill better!

Engine, disappointed!

Finally, the greatest desire refers to the assembly of the gearbox out of urban routes. A slight increase in speed (240 Nm of torque) will result vibrations and sounds not very pleasant for the driver and his passengers. But above all, it is time to shift gears that are amazing his quicknesssometimes giving the impression of driving with an old automatic transmission and not a two-clutch state.

DNA Strength – the drive mode selector – does not change this, the transfer remains slow and the rapid rise even becomes caricatural. Not unusual for Alpha! The hybrid version of the 275 horsepower and 4WD horsepower should probably erase all of that. At the same time, be careful with the use of it because on the narrow, winding and congested roads of Lake Como, Tonale was a glutton by drinking an average of 10 liters of Unleaded per 100 kilometers..

The small Alfa Romeo SUV has a main front target, BMW X1. Not to mention Mercedes GLA and Audi Q3. But be it in terms of finishing and engine, Tonale is under competition. Even the Peugeot 3008, still a general specialist, seems to be quite from a mechanical point of view.

For sale from € 35,400Tonale displays payment rate which justifies for its large dimensions, its wide range of electronics and its many technologies. Price that will easily exceed € 40,000 easily in its sportier Super and Sprint versions.

Alfa Romeo Tonale Technical Paper
Tested model: Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5 48V 160 hp Ti
Dimensions L x W x H 4.528 / 1.841 / 1.601m
Wheel base 2,636m
Low / high stem volume 500 / 1,550 liters
Downloaded weight 1.525 kg
Engine transfer 4-cylinder Turbo, gasoline – 1,469 cc
Engine power 160 hp
Couples 240Nm
0 to 100 km / h 8.8s
High speed 210 km / h
CO2 level Between 130 and 144 g / km
Price From € 35,400

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