after the race, happy and tired

after the race, happy and tired

Spectators roared this Sunday August 28 to encourage more than 2,600 participants of the 13th edition of the 24 Hour Bikes at the Bugatti circuit of Le Mans. Under the seats, in the paddocks, the runners show big smiles when they arrive, but also big dark circles under their eyes. “There, after 5 hours of cycling in total, I will sleep well tonight“, announces Benoit, who was running with six colleagues from his company.My legs hurt a lot, I’m sorry, but after that I will feel the pleasure of what I accomplished.

Others did not wait for the final bell to sound camp table and aperitif. “We have been waiting for 24 hours, after pressure on the track, one in the glass is a pleasure.“Laughs Victorio, not really a bike fan, but I’ve come to have a good time this weekend.”It was nice to ride on such a circuit, a good first experience“, adds Willy, who also came with friends.

Registration is completed in one hour

Because since 2009, 24 Hour bikes attract more and more. This year, in January, all registrations were completed at once. “That we were full within an hour is a first and it was also a surprise for us.“, says Romain Gasnal, organizer.”We had over 300 teams on the waiting list, our organization is changing, but we will always be confused. This is the price to pay to have an event that lasts for a quality welcome.

In the standings, if there was doubt between the two teams of Four Dutchmen from the Scorpions Racing Team, however they dominated the rest of the ranking. Already the defending champions, under their old name, Sarto Endurance Team, the two teams were one round ahead of the six Frenchmen from Socopa Viande 1. Note also the level of eight of the French team Bleu Maine who finished 403rd out of 580.

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