after the fatal accident three times, the village of Eymet was in shock

after the fatal accident three times, the village of Eymet was in shock

Four people were in the Audi: a retired couple from Orléans, and their grandchildren who were taking them back to their parents in Eymet. The SUV had just passed the village entry sign when the accident occurred. According to the emergency services, the grandfather was sitting behind his wife who was driving the car, while their grandson was sitting in the front passenger seat. The little boy was behind his sister.

“One of our soldiers was nearby when the accident happened”, explains gendarmerie commander Gibiot. Therefore, he immediately alerted the emergency services along with his colleagues, and began to perform cardiac massage on the Peugeot 307 driver. they arrived immediately after the accident. “Then when the firemen arrived, very quickly, they put paper on the bodies, it was too late”. “Those three people died in the hands of the army”, confirms the commander.

Tortoni draws the curtain

The D933 crosses the village. It connects Bergerac and Marmande. The road was closed for more than three hours. The severity of the accident was quickly recognized. “Like many people, I passed, I saw several fire trucks, helicopters, I understood that it was bad”, testifies the resident, still haggard.

Others, who passed by, immediately doubted, saw blue 307. This is the case of the manager of a tobacconist outside the village, who sums up the concern that seized him at that time: “The model, the color, and the yellow plate – an old example, there’s only one car. if that’s going around in Eymet… “

Therefore, shortly after the accident, Tortoni drew the curtain, there was no longer any doubt. The car actually belongs to Chantal Chassagne. He had lived in the village for many years, and occasionally worked in a restaurant. “She often came to buy a newspaper in the morning… A woman with a lot of energy”, remembers the shopkeeper.

“She worked with me for twenty years, she was a very good woman … She leaves a daughter, and a husband. Everyone is shocked, no one understands,” summarizes a customer from the Aquitaine bistro. Chantal Chassagne had worked for him at the Beyne canneries.