Activist: The lobbyist from Ribeirão should participate in the hearing, you say the defense

Activist: The lobbyist from Ribeirão should participate in the hearing, you say the defense

Ana Pink is accused of participating in a money laundering scheme; left home, south of Ribeirão Preto, on August 24

In: Leonardo Santos

Ana Pink left home on Wednesday (24) at 19:36; The court issued an arrest warrant (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Advocacy of businesswoman and digital influencer Ana Paula Ferreira Duarte, Ana Pink, reported that the client will attend the session scheduled for the next 15 September, at the Ribeirão Preto Hall. Ana Pink has been on the run since last August 24, when the Court ordered her to be detained.

According to the statement from the lobbyist’s defense, “there are no reasons for his absence, considering the certainty of his innocence and his release”, he says. In addition, Ana Pink’s lawyer says that he is waiting for the analysis of the STJ (Supreme Court of Justice) on the validity of the lobbyist’s request for freedom.

Ana Pink left home, in a condominium in the south of Ribeirão Preto, a few hours before the Military Police arrived at the scene to fulfill the arrest warrant. The document was issued by the Court on August 24.


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According to MP-SP (Ministry of Public Affairs of São Paulo), He left the scene in a Land Rover Defender, according to reports from the condominium where the lobbyist lives with his family. There was no record of return.

The agents were attended by Ana Pink’s son, who informed that the mother “left the house and does not know where she is”. Even with the request for a preventive detention, which was requested by the MP-SP because he understood that he could continue to commit the crime he was accused of, the influencer continued to post on Instagram. The account is currently disabled.

The lobbyist’s husband, lawyer Maick Gomes da Silva, still in jail in the CDP (Temporary Detention Center) in Ribeirão Preto since March, when the operation was launched.

Audience participation

The influencer and her husband Maick Gomes da Silva are accused of embezzlement and are suspected of running a scheme that would use the name of 360,000 people registered with the INSS without authorization. According to MP-SP, they would issue loans sent in the name of the victims and when the money goes into the beneficiary’s account, the couple would receive a commission of 6%.

According to the prosecution, the scheme would transfer more than 10 million dollars. Maick’s defense and Ana Pink both deny wrongdoing.

Lawyer Leonardo Afonso Pontes explains that if Ana Pink does not surrender, the process continues as usual. “There he gets a chance to present his arguments, to present the truth according to the defendant’s version and if he doesn’t show up, he loses that chance,” he said.

The process investigating Ana Pink is nearing its end. His evidence and that of others investigated in the case is missing. Then, the final defense and prosecution arguments must be presented, in this case MP-SP. Finally, the judge in charge of the case must issue a decision (Com EPTV).