Above all, do not ask to do a niche!

Above all, do not ask to do a niche!

Planned of course is a trick feared more than all those who try to pass the driver’s license, and for some, this is clearly still the case years later!

However, here is nothing to imagine that the brave woman would react like this at the wheel of her little car. Busy on a one-way street, he decides to park on his right, in a space big enough to accommodate his car, but nothing goes as planned!

Instead of going backwards at low speed, the driver obviously pressed the mushroom too hard. Then launched at high speed, his car ends its run against the wall on the right side of the path. Worse, when he could have stopped there, he changes the front gear with his small car to hit the car where the scene is being filmed.

But how did he get there? Did his accelerator get stuck, preventing him from reacting properly? Or he just wanted to speed up the maneuver too much, the fault of all the cars behind him.

Still, with the violence of the shock causing the airbag to deploy, the driver escaped without major injuries, but was probably stunned.