A young man steals his mother’s car and ends up in jail!

A young man steals his mother’s car and ends up in jail!

Near Rouen, the mother must not have been happy to see the police arrive at her house one fine morning. What else to teach him that his son stole his car and that he ended his life on a tree!

At night from Saturday to Sunday, in the small town of Houlme outside Rouen, a young man accompanied by a friend has ” he borrowed » his mother’s car for a night out. At just 17 years old, he didn’t have to no license since it takes at least 18 years to get that precious sesame, even if he has been following the car since he was 15 years old. But the least we can do is things did not happen not very well done

Very bad idea…

Unfortunately for the boy, obviously he wasn’t not so good behind the wheel… First he removed an entire neighborhood block, before ending up directly on a power pole! An event that was not seen, because it cut off the electricity in the whole street! Wow!

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Things are getting worse!

Maybe he was scared, the two acolytes took to their heels, and left the car on the spot. There is no chance, The police had no problem identifying the car thanks to his plates, before landing on the (too) young driver’s mother. As a result, he was probably given strong soap before being placed under police custody along with his companions for driving without a license, failure to control and hit and run.

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