a very close concept to the series

a very close concept to the series

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Return of the cult name

More than twenty years after the disappearance – modified a few years by RSX – Integra returns as a model to its rightful place by 2023. It is indeed a role model, especially if we refer to the 3rd generation released in 1993., with regular round lights and a version of Type-R, has been one of the most sought after rehabilitators. And who has not run Integra in Gran Turismo?

The concept launched by Acura will be around the final version for sale. The sedan will not be a real coupe but of 5 doors, according to the Civic which will lend a 6-speed manual transmission and a 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder, with its slightly slippery contrast, though perfect. specifications have not yet been resolved. Its upper part is similar to that of the coupe but with a different five-door “Liftback” door, such as BMW’s “Gran Coupé”. From a certain angle, especially at the optics level, this new Integra looks like Opel.

Coupe versatile

The model, fitted with 19-inch five-tone wheels on Brembo brakes, was presented in a new color called. Indy Yellow “, which pays homage to the solid Phoenix Yellow finish offered in Integra Type R. Designed in Japan, the new Integra exterior model may look stunning and not much different from the Civic, though Integra will not participate at all. one body panel with Civic. It is characterized by a steep roof slope and a Liftback type rear gate, which gives it the same appearance, in profile, and that of the coupe.

Appearing for the first time on the Type S concept, the new Acura-shaped diamond grille gives Integra a purposeful and sporting character. The light fixture is adjusted with chicane-shaped daytime running lights that are mounted on the headlights. The arches of the athletic rear wheels and fascinating rear fascia, with two exhaust tips, accentuate the wide Integra wheel.

“Integra is one of the most remarkable examples in the history of Acura”said Jon Ikeda, Acura vice president and brand manager. “This new integration will continue to provide a unique position in the market, with high expectations and achievable, as well as emotional and fashion performance, as well as the many uses and uses sought by today’s buyers.”

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The possibility of a performance model is mentioned, probably in type S, but without actual confirmation. Acura says Integra will enter production in 2022 at its facility in Marysville, Ohio, on the same production line as TLX.

Will the new Integra live up to its name?

to summarize

Acura will re-launch the mythical name: Integra. It was, along with Legend, one of two models who contributed in 1987 to the launch of the Honda premium label in North America.