A touch at the end takes the win from Aizza and Azcona, but the duo wins second place

A touch at the end takes the win from Aizza and Azcona, but the duo wins second place

The race has a lot of emotion with a great recovery of the #35 Hyundai Elantra of the couple of Scuderia Chiarelli. Aizza reaches his fifth podium of the season and celebrates a great training weekend with the TCR world leader

An unforgettable weekend, full of training, emotions and another platform for the young Brazilian Pedro Aizza in the conflict of the sixth stage of TCR Latin America, this Sunday (28), Termas de Río Hondo, Argentina, the second of the year. in endurance and double format.

Running alongside the current world leader (WTCR) and two-time European champion of the category, Spaniard Mikel Azcona, Aizza was in second place in a full recovery race with many emotions at the end. With 20 cars on the grid, the drivers put on a show.

The 17-year-old Brazilian started in the #35 Hyundai Elantra, from Scuderia Chiarelli. Starting from ninth place, Aizza maintained a good pace and went after the rivals during his session, handing over the car to Azcona already in the fight among the Top-6.

The experienced Spaniard delivered a good performance and “jumped” the track to touch the leaders in the final minutes. Azcona took third place and went in search of second place. In a fierce scramble, he ended up making contact and being pushed off the track.

However, he managed to come back and cross the finish line in third place. The incident eliminated the possibility of the two winning the conflict, as the leader at that time ended up having problems and retired.

At the end of the race, the runner-up was penalized for the incident and disqualified for a “dangerous maneuver”. Aizza and Azcona got second place. It was the Brazilian’s fifth podium of the season. He remains in fifth place in the championship, with two stages remaining.

“We went for a recovery race. We started in ninth place and we were recovering. I stopped from seventh to sixth place and we made a good pit stop, good strategy and Mikel went very fast and jumped to fifth place”, said Aizza .

“He was even passing with some ease, because he was very fast. When we were already in third place, fighting for second place and very close to first, there was a touch from second place on Mikel, taking our chance of victory. However, he was able to come back and save the podium”, continued the Brazilian, who is the youngest on the grid.

“In fact, he had a great race. If it hadn’t been for the touch, I believe we would have come out of here with the victory, because the first at that time ended up abandoning”, he pointed out.

“Now it’s time to go to the next tough stage, but it was a weekend of a lot of training, which will help me a lot in this final round”, concluded Aizza.

Azcona, who participated in his first race in South America, also regretted the incident at the end, but was happy with the experience and by recording the fastest lap of the dispute (1min49s706).

“It was a very good and positive race from the Chiarelli team and Hyundai Motorsport. A very good start from Pedro, starting very well, staying on the track in good condition and able to maintain the pace in the first few laps, following the lead”, emphasized the Spaniard the 26-year-old.

“Pedro handed me the car on lap 14 and the pace was very good. We went out with new tires and I felt good and I was able to run at race pace and the car was impressive. We had a good battle with Lynk & Co and Honda. Pity that when I got to Cupra, who was in second place, he was too aggressive and threw me off the track. I was lucky to come back and take the third place, which after the race with penalties, became the second place”, he recalled.

“I am very happy. It was a great experience here at TCR South America, with Pedro and Scuderia Chiarelli”, concluded Azcona.

TCR South America returns to the track now for the Buenos Aires round, also in Argentina, on the 17th and 18th of September.