A secret project that would make a VW Kombi look like a Porsche with a Gol dashboard

A secret project that would make a VW Kombi look like a Porsche with a Gol dashboard

One of them is a proposal to change the style of the Kombi, which Veiga decided to show his followers this week. The photos provided by the architect show the drawings of two proposals for the utility model.

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In one of them, the Kombi is seen with headlights with two parabolas and arrows on the grille under the windshield, in the best style of the Porsche 911 Carrera sold at that time. In another, the round lights are replaced by a horizontal set of eyes and connected arrows, similar to those of Gol Bolinha. Or would it have those of Kia Besta?

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In both, the Old Lady would have a front bumper and wrap made of plastic, and no longer of metal. The update also introduced a new dashboard with Gol instruments, a two-spoke steering wheel (similar to the GL version of the square generation) and a plastic cover to hide the steering column, which was completely exposed in front of the driver’s feet. .

“Under the trunk: I swear we tried. All my work we tried to improve the Velha Senhora, but in the end, the new safety requirements decided the end of the production of one of the most intelligent cars of all time”, wrote Veiga in the caption of the post on his Instagram.

Although the designer did not say the date when the pictures were released, the projects appear to be from the second half of the 1990s. The Kombi was revised in 1997, when it gained 11 centimeters in height on the roof and the sliding side. the door.

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Designer Luiz Alberto Veiga is showing on social media old projects to update the Old Lady that never happened

Inside, the SUV lost a metal partition behind the front seats, which forced Volkswagen to put a spare tire in the trunk of the car. In the same year, the Carat version was released. The model had a more luxurious proposition, with seats covered in velvety fabric and seating for seven passengers instead of nine in the standard configuration.

After this update, the Kombi would undergo the last visual change, in 2006. That year, the organization had to adopt the front radiator grille of the flex 1.4 engine with liquid cooling, which replaced the old 1.6 air-cooled gasoline boxer , to fall under the new emissions laws that came into effect at the time.

The Volkswagen Kombi was discontinued at the end of 2013, after 56 years of uninterrupted production at the Anchieta plant, in São Bernardo do Campo, Greater São Paulo.

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Based on the project of the 1950s, the model could not be changed with the new safety law, which came into force in 2014, forcing the installation of front airbags and ABS brakes on all zero kilometer vehicles sold in the country. Brazil was the last country to stop Kombi production.

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