a popular logo modified for electronics

a popular logo modified for electronics

Je! do you know what the Spirit of Ecstasy is? No? However, you have already seen it, at least in the picture. This is a popular silhouette that faces the road at the end of the Rolls Royces hoods. This emblem commemorates the 111th anniversary of the document, which was registered on February 6, 1911. So the British chose this monument to unveil a new version of the statue.

The Spirit of Ecstasy has been modified for a very specific purpose: to adapt to electronic operations. The new logo will be launched by the first 100% electronic model from Rolls, Specter coupé, which will be launched in 2023. It will then be picked up by subsequent vehicles, as Rolls will be the brand of all electronics from. at the end of this decade.

The link between the electric and new silhouette? The latter takes on a more aerodynamic shape. It may make you smile, but that change required 830 hours of work, including wind tunnel measurements. So the money lady will be off the air for what has already been promised as a sky over Rolls, with a drag rating of 0.26.

So the woman’s body is more bent, thanks to the bent legs. One of them has been pointed forward to suggesting better flexibility. The total length is reduced from 100.01 to 82.73 mm. The brand takes the opportunity to correct a mistake that has been made many times: it is not a woman with wings, it is her clothes that are caught in the wind.

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