A new version of the future SUV!  (+ video)

A new version of the future SUV! (+ video)

Ferrari Purosangue, the first SUV of the future in the history of the Dancing Horse, has once again pointed the end of the hood, slightly hidden, on the roads of Maranello. To see in the video.

It’s long overdue, Purosangue ! It has been several months since The first SUV of Ferrari history maintains a fantasy about it sure look, such as the mechanical nature that will animate.

While we’ve already shown you several “watch” photos and videos, the latest (see below) is interesting in more ways than one. The reason? Thanks to the photos captured by the youtuber behind the station Varryx, we can see that SUV begins to lose voice to hide

Ferrari Purosangue: presentation soon?

So far seen under thick layer of “makeup”where borrowing elements from Maserati Levante, the Purosangue specimen recorded in this video appears slightly obscured. Better, even we think we see body of the later production versionconsidering the only official image launched so far by the brand.

Could this be a sign that progress is coming to an end and that its presentation will follow in the near future? There is little certainty, although we still have to be patient to get an answer …

What are the riders for Purosangue?

Here again, a thick veil of secrecy still hovers. From what we know, the future Ferrari Purosangue will initially benefit from Sky V12 of 6.5 liters borrowed from 812 Very quickly strongly approaching 800 horsepower.

Discover this new Ferrari Purosangue in the video below:

Source and image: Varryx YouTube

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