a new teaser for the ultimate off-road vehicle

a new teaser for the ultimate off-road vehicle

Lamborghini has released a new teaser video for the upcoming Huracan Sterrato. This further demonstrates its off-road prowess and rugged looks. The supercar ready to assemble is now dressed in blue, which leaves little to the imagination.

He gets closer and closer. The video titled “Beyond The Concrete – Part 2” shows a female driver having fun with the Huracan Sterrato on sand and gravel roads, showing the increased ground clearance that is clearly visible in this clip. The goal is to meet a surfer on the nearest beach, using Sterrato’s power to surf the sand. In addition to the color change, this time we can see the roof bars of the model placed on the small rails on the roof of this Huracan. This makes it easier to transport less equipment … using, for example! It is also fitted with a set of black painted alloy wheels. The body kit of the special edition is retained, including fender extensions with exposed bolts, additional LED lights in front of the bonnet, separate air intake, large scoop on the bonnet and diffuser.

The Huracan Sterrato should put the expected 5.2-liter V10 in the middle position, this should develop 640 horsepower, just like the Evo AWD, Tecnica and STO. The Sterrato’s four-wheel drive nature is evident in the video, but we also understand that it has a tendency to go forward at first., which makes surfing very easy. Only drive the front wheel when the car has no grip.

Will the last Huracan be better?

Lamborghini did not give a specific date for the delivery of the Huracan Sterrato, but a reveal at the 2022 Paris Motor Show seems likely. The off-roader-ready supercar will likely be the last of the Huracans to be replaced next year by an electric successor. Indeed with the revolutionary hybrid twin-turbo V8.