a new ethical series in the whole column

a new ethical series in the whole column

Fiat joins the organization (RED), with a new special series of the entire 500 ranks, to support the fight against AIDS and COVID.

The Fiat 500 new electricity, but also 500, 500X and 500Las well as several models from Jeep and RAM, they are equipped with a New series with badges (RED) : every model on sale will help fight the AIDS and COVID virus, thanks to a popular organization founded along with singer Bono. In total, the partnership between the Stellantis group and (RED) will be implemented by providing $ 4 million to the aid agency, over the next three years.

The Fiat 500 RED model is distinguished by a special red color, which can be found inside the tap on the seats, embroidery “(500) RED” on the seats, dashboard or even the logo on the steering wheel. . For more daring customers, it is also possible to choose a completely red driver’s seat, which can be seen in these official photos: the seats are also elevated by Seaqual, a recycled fiber recycled from waste collected at sea.

Fiat 500 RED (2021): unique red version

The exterior style is decorated with a red body color, a red “500” logo on the front and sides, a red “Fiat” logo on the back, but also a “(500) RED” badge on the side, found. on the central column at 500, 500X and 500L. Fiat notes that specific series models will also be able to pick up other body colors, from specific color charts. To go further, each specific series (RED) model will be presented with it organization color set (RED)a special red key shell, as well as a hydroalcoholic hand gel remover.

Special Edition (RED) designs will also highlight a biocidal cabin filter special, fighting against the spread of viruses and bacteria on the brand automotive board. Passenger parts that come in contact with users, such as seats, steering wheel and trunk, have also received special treatment against bacteria and viruses.

The new 500 rows (RED) is ready available by order in Europe, at rates that will soon be announced to France.

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