A new album is coming!  We know its secrets …

A new album is coming! We know its secrets …

Volkswagen Amarok: life on a large scale

Camouflage strives to hide new pick-up dimensions. L ‘Amarok 2022 it takes wings with 100 mm of extra length compared to its predecessor, as it passes at a height of 5.35 m.
Wheelbase is not over 3,270 m. It is therefore 175 mm more which allows to give the interior more generous.

The maximum charge also increases to 1.2 tons, and the towable weight increases to 3.5 tons. It is now available on all types of engines / distributors. As the wheel base of the new Amarok increases over its entire length, the rear and front parts decrease. In fact, his ability to maneuver all roads is extremely impressive, especially thanks to his attacking angle and his running angle. Fording also benefits in performance.

A set of improvements between the two generations that should also be appreciated in terms of strength training. Like Amarok this is kind of Ford Ranger reviewed by Volkswagen engineers, should have a complete set of engines, gearboxes and shipments. The panel should rotate between versions with rear wheel drive, permanent all-wheel drive, all-wheel drive enabled by 4 or 6 cylinder blocks with a capacity of between 2.0 and 3.0 liters of fuel, gasoline or diesel.

A new Volkswagen Amarok R

If nothing formal, know that volkswagen works on the new generation ofAmarok R. This one would hide under his 3-liter V6 bonnet air-fed biturbo. Engine manufacturers provided 288 nags, and above all torque like a Nm truck. .

To enhance its performance, this V6 will have a new retention system that keeps the sound clear for up to three seconds after the driver provides a speed booster, enabling faster pressure recovery and improved combustion. when the driver goes back to the shutter.

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