A man asks to test drive and disappears with a retired car in ES

A man asks to test drive and disappears with a retired car in ES

The pensioner called the police after the alleged buyer disappeared with his car in Muniz Freire. Credit: Carlos Alberto Silva

A 59-year-old pensioner, his car, a 2011 Hyundai i30, was taken by a man after he test drove it. The case was held in Muniz Freire, in the Province of Caparaó, this Wednesday (27). After 1h30, without returning from the supposed buyer of the car, the owner called the police to register the theft.

According to the pensioner, he advertised the car through a sales program and the alleged buyer who identified himself as Braian, who is said to be from the municipality of Venda Nova do Imigrante, arranged to see the car in Muniz. Freire.. Knowing the taxi driver who brought the accused, he trusted him and allowed him to take the test car.

“The taxi driver brought him here. I even thought she had a relationship with the boy. He took the car for the trip, and said he would pay in cash. The taxi driver and I were waiting for him to come back and there was nothing,” said the victim.

The taxi driver and the owner of the car tried to contact the accused on the phone only to find that he had already blocked both the numbers. The car, with black color and license number OCV8F20, and the man, who were heading towards BR 262, were not seen or found by the police.

Regarding the crime, the Police Force said that in cases where there are no arrests in the act, like this one, the victim should register the truth at the police station so that the police will be aware of the case and initiate an investigation. The population can help with investigations and information through the Disque Denúncia (181).

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