a major renovation of the model in the circular economy

a major renovation of the model in the circular economy

75 avenue de la Grande Armée, the mythical address of Peugeot’s former headquarters, has finally been revealed. The building, which was originally intended for demolition, was finally completely renovated by Gecina, with a focus on the circular economy. Its architect, Anne Specher, from the international agency Baumschlager Eberle, presented it during the EnerJ conference (an event organized by the Batiactu group), on September 7, 2021. We were able to discover the building that was almost finished in mid-July 2022. Work has started on November 2019, should be released after the summer.

Kinetic facade and elegant hall

A temple dedicated to the car in the past, here is now a model of restoration. Architect Anne Specher reminded us of her three goals for this renovation during the visit.

First, a tribute to the architectural heritage of the 20th century: making people discover it while giving it new energy. This would be, for example, all the work to show a large modern hall, consisting of large concrete arches. this”The Grande Galerie today gets a second life by being a large nave of 1,500 m2 with a third height to create an openness between the street and the garden,” explains Gecina in his presentation file.

The front on the Grande Armée, completely redesigned but retaining the original design, is also a tribute to the kinetic art and aesthetics of the 60s and 70s that characterized it. The set of glass “boxes” produced not only bring light to the interior, but also energize the street, as these types of arched windows of different sizes provide movement: the facade thus changes its appearance according to the effects of the day and according to where you stand . look at it.

Opening of the city

The second goal was to reopen the building to the city. In addition to the large bay windows on the avenue de la Grande Armée, one will also see, for example, the work done on the side of rue Pergolèse, where the mute facade has disappeared to give a lower transparent space. A brick and copper facade has been brought forward to align it with the street.

The last goal, and not the least, is to make this renovation an example in terms of circular economy and consideration of the environment. “We wanted to show that renovation is not a source of excess carbon consumption, but turns into a carbon sink itself”, says the architect. Real efforts have enabled the recovery of waste, in situ or by recycling, and 100% of the existing structures have been preserved. So the original facade granite was reused on 66% of the ground floor surface, while contributing to the beauty of the main Gallery.

“In the cleaning phase, 79 percent of the inspected materials were reused, 416 tons of CO2 were avoided (…) due to the use of 81 tons of materials. Regarding the distribution of reuse, the implementation of the materials of use from the Site or the Ile sectors -de-France have made it possible to avoid emitting 354 tons of CO2.” Gecina, L1ve presentation, July 2022.

The number of plant surfaces or PV (for the roof of the main building), the creation of bicycle parking spaces, monitoring to improve energy use as close as possible to daily needs… In addition to the circular economy, the emphasis was placed on space all to make the most exemplary renovation possible and allow the life of the building to focus on energy balance and user comfort. This renovation also has many certifications and labels to this effect: HQE Sustainable Building Standard; LEED Core & Shell V4; WELL Core & Shell Gold level; BiodiverCity; Wiredscore, Platinum level.

Conveniently located, a stone’s throw from Porte Maillot, which will soon be home to the RER E (Eole) and the tramway (including line 1 and RER C), the building will benefit from the revitalization of this Champs business district. – Elysees. Almost all have already been approved (87%) by the consulting firm BCG, on the Avenue de la Grande Armée and Robert Walters, on the Pergolèse side. Only 2700m2 is still available out of 33000 m2 that can be divided.

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