a little more volatile in the automotive industry

a little more volatile in the automotive industry

In early 1998, a manufacturer with chevrons introduced the first concept, the Concept Air Citroen C3. It is a car based on the concept of a C3 car in a convertible version. Realistically, you can go from two to four places. To do what ? We don’t know, but no one cares, it’s just a living room concept.

In September 1999, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it was a surprise. The idea that can be changed according to C3 seems to be forced to continue up to the ranks. A new concept car, next to the series, is being launched. We get the side of the season. And roof arches that can be demolished. Will Citroën dare to take the final step towards marketing?

The C3 Air Concept of 1998 announces color, Citroen wants to make an invention

The nature of praise

During its official presentation, the Citroen C3, created by the designers team of Donato Coco, the head of Citroën style, was amazed. It is a real Citroën, with style, originality and functionality that has never been seen in other designs. Finally we find an invention that had left the minds of the brand for a long time.

The car is a type of Swiss army knife. It is seasonal and goes from salon to interchangeable with its soft folded top. It can also be a real spider, without side arches and roofs. Fold the seats and trunk and you have a nifty pick-up. This C3 has much better capabilities. We will soon understand that he also has the potential for the worst.

The second concept of the car a year later in 1999. We are approaching the series.
The second concept of the car a year later in 1999. We are approaching the series.

Why should it be easy?

On paper, the idea of ​​the C3 Pluriel is good. In fact, it is much more complicated. To convert a car into a real road without a roof, you have to read the instructions carefully. Citroen will even offer videos on how to do it.

Minor quote: “After opening the side windows, go to the boot and remove the rear telescopic locking pin from its housing, then pull it up. In front of the arch, lower the back part of the mechanism, then the front part of the opening. Raise the back part a few centimeters. Move the bow back horizontally a few centimeters depending on the car.

What do we do with the arches?

After the trick is done and the car is finally removed from its arches, you will finally find the C3 Pluriel in the version of the roadster… with two arches that you will never know what to do with it.

Indeed, unlike the folding roof or the Targa system, no space is provided for the car to carry these threes weighing 13 kg each. If you live in an apartment, you will need to carry these 26 kg to your home, before leaving them in the living room or kitchen.

If you leave without arches, look for rain
If you leave without arches, look for rain

What happens in the event of a rain?

After passing, it will be necessary to count to maintain good weather during the trip. With roof tiles left at home, you can not rely on any protection in the event of heavy rainfall. Worse, the first owners quickly brought another problem. Even with the roof closed, the car can not hold water.

A known problem, which will never be solved by brand. C3 Pluriel is not waterproof. At least you have a car that you can turn into a pick-up truck. Easy by going to a DIY store, you think! By folding the seats and rear panels, it is actually possible to convert the C3 Pluriel into a utility vehicle… but it is forbidden to drive with it on open roads. Indeed, this configuration hides the license plate. You’re wrong again!

Decent work

Despite all these design defects, waterproofing, many irritating defects, Pluriel eventually sells quite well. Released in 109,000 copies, it has nothing to be ashamed of, even if it is very far from the 369,000 Peugeot 206 CC. Less motorized with 1.4 l of 75 hp and 1.4 HDI of 70 hp, it becomes more attractive with 1.6 of 110 hp.

Do not forget that this Pluriel receives about 150 kg of reinforcement for rigidity. During the summer of 2010, production of C3 Pluriel was suspended, unchanged.

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