A large 5-meter sedan for the new concept of Volkswagen’s identity.  Aero

A large 5-meter sedan for the new concept of Volkswagen’s identity. Aero

ID. The Aero is a concept car aimed at the Chinese market, which loves large sedans. A European version should also be available later.

Volkswagen is taking advantage of the changing electric car market in China now on June 27, 2022 a new concept called ID. Aero. This new future model takes the characteristics of a large electric sedan about 5 m long and with a higher position. However, we will have to wait until 2023 to know the final lines and positions.

Volkswagen ID. Aero is primarily thought to meet the needs of the Chinese. It will usually be sold there in the second half of 2023. Europe will not be forgotten, however, because the ID. Aero will also join the range of brands in our continent at the end of 2023, and production will be located in the German factory in Emden.

New display of MEB platform modification

Behind this new concept that joins a range of identities, we still find a common platform called MEB. All members of the ID family, from ID.3 to ID. Buzz, share this same technical forum. This already leaves several impressions of the number that this large sedan of about 5 meters will take. Judging by the dimensions, this model can be presented as a complete replacement of the Passat or Phaeton, but with a very different design from its warm ancestors.

Concept profile of VW ID. Aero // Source: Volkswagen

The concept of identity. The Aero, like the later ID.6/7, will improve the possibilities of this MEB platform, which now seems to be giving good profits to the German manufacturer.

At the moment, Volkswagen is not communicating more information on the technical sheet. We only know that the model will rely on a 77 kWh battery to provide a range of 620 km wltp. We can imagine, without taking too much risk of being wrong, that this future model will have at least a 150 kW (204 hp) engine, and indeed a 220 kW (299 hp) version is set for GTX versions now.

3/4 rear Volkswagen concept ID. Aero // Source: Volkswagen

The model will also have all the driving aids developed for the ID range. It aims to provide the Chinese market with a car that can take advantage of advanced semi-autonomous driving.

Very nice design

From the point of view of the range of identification, this new concept of identification. Aero provides very clean lines, with the possible exception of the slightly loaded front bumper. Even more advanced aerodynamics reduce the drag coefficient to 0.23, which contributes to the good freedom announced for this large, and perhaps heavy, sedan.

Volkswagen concept identity. Aero // Source: Volkswagen

We will have to wait for the final version to see if the manufacturer will put the pull door handles as in its concept. It is highly likely that the brand will switch to handles that are already used on other models in the tag line for profit.

In any case, the concept presented by Volkswagen looks very close to the production model. In addition to its name, which can change, and its interior design, there should not be many surprises when the opening of its sale will be presented by the manufacturer and the final model.