A futuristic car with the ability to transform!

A futuristic car with the ability to transform!

The car of the future was presented by the Chinese company Pix Moving. These are 100% electric pods, self-powered and adjustable as you see fit.

What will the car be? from the future? This is the question we ask ourselves from time to time. Flying car, freedom, electric, hydrogen?

Chinese society Pix is ​​Moving has answer! The Pix Robobus concept delivers small cars 100% electricity and so-called freedom pods Then they will be able to change in what you want.

Goal of Chuan Yu, the founder of the relevant company, is to improve VTC services. So soon you will be able to do many things in your car.

Exercising in your car

In 2022 when you order VTC, you can call “only” or in a good world sleep time your trip

Watch out, it’s all coming soon finished! Indeed, thanks to the concept of the company Pix is ​​Movingyou can, in your car, have Meeting roomgym or even a food truck enjoy the food. To try No?

30 km/h maximum speed

But how is this possible? For convenience, Pix is ​​Moving place a bet chassis and battery motor built by society himself.

Measurements they will see the day despite everything so others companies who want Customize pods, they can honor the request of Pix is ​​Moving.

Depending on the brand, the car will be able to ride up to 5 people. Perfect for acting session games together!

In addition, the maximum load should not be exceeded 510 kg. On the other hand, for speed the peak will take metal. The car of the future will not be overpowered 30 km/h.

About freedomthe car will be able to do up to 100 kilometers in one filling.

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Start of production in China and Japan

We will see indeed this car on our roads? Hard to believe. However, Pix is ​​Moving i just finished fundraising which will allow him to begin production of its pods in China and Japan.

In general, it is despite everything 2,500 pods which will be generated internally the two countries. First, they should to serve in nursing homes in Japan.

So maybe one day France, it will be possible to do many activities during the journey between work and home. Case to follow.