A fake billionaire used fraud to sell exclusive Ferrari models

A fake billionaire used fraud to sell exclusive Ferrari models

Daniel Lesin, only 24 years old, billionaire, son of an oligarch and who had a watch business that supported his business of collecting supercars, including exclusive Ferrari models. This is a life that many people dream of leading and Lesin played all his days making people believe that he lived that way. But it was all a lie! The information is from the portal Save.

A motorcycle exploded on a New Jersey highway and no one knew about it. But as his presence at events such as ‘Cars and Coffee’ and Road Shows became more consistent, he began to gain media attention.


To support the lie, as well as talking about his business, he always showed up at meetings driving super sports cars. The character was enough to dupe some millionaires and was later charged and arrested for committing a fraud of about 3 million dollars (about $15.4 million) in connection with the sale of Ferrari Monza SP models, which he never owned.

Daniel lived in this fantasy for four years until he was discovered when he started selling exclusive Ferrari models. The Monza SP 1 and SP 2 are the first models in the Icona series of special models, produced in limited series and only available to special customers.

‘Normal’ people can’t buy them direct from the factory and the only way out is to find someone willing to scrap, or resell, a super sports car. So Lesin’s proposal also seemed to tempt him.

The ‘billionaire’ said that he was able to get to Monza because his family had a Ferrari 75 in the garage, which made them special and facilitated a relationship with the factory management.

To help support the narrative, he forged documents such as purchase orders, Ferrari dealer forms, and also created orders to the automaker’s specifications. At the same time, he created companies to ‘sell’ cars and give loans, leaving the Ferrari Monza as collateral.

Fake Ferrari dealer discovered

In one of the fake documents, Lesin posed as a sales contact at a Ferrari dealership who usually works with YouTuber Rob Ferretti. The lobbyist, unfortunately, was a friend of the buyer.

Then the buyer, having some doubts, decided to ask Ferretti if he knew Dan and if he could give his opinion about the documents, which were obviously fake.

This was one of many cases that led to a case against Lesin and the number of cases against him attracted the attention of the FBI. Then the authorities used the interstate transfers that the “billionaire” made to buy luxury sports cars and take out loans and when the money was passed from one state to another it became a federal crime.

Lenin is in state custody accused of fraud and will be sentenced on the 26th. fell in the Ferrari Monza scandal.

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