a €25,000 electric compact that could hurt the competition

a €25,000 electric compact that could hurt the competition

MG is opening pre-orders for the 4, a new compact sedan that starts under €30,000, excluding ecological bonuses. An Englishman flying a Chinese flag can strike a blow.

It is finally the start of sales of the MG4 Electric, which will land on the French market next season. Before discovering the final price list, MG announces the opening of pre-orders for a compact electric sedan that already promises to hurt the competition, still at this price level. But which one exactly? Well MG gives us the first clue and entry ticket for less than €30,000, excluding the ecological bonus.. Obviously, counting the €5,000 subsidy (from 2023), the MG4 Electric should start around €25,000. It cannot fail. At least on paper.

MG4 Electric under €30,000, and without extras

The Chinese may change the market upon its arrival as currently, there is no compact convertible in these price areas. Worse, Renault Zoe or Peugeot e-208 is more expensive, shorter and with less freedom! Obviously, we will have to wait for the full price list, but we can already bet on a big success for the MG4 Electric which is available for pre-order. The first 500 customers to sign up now will be eligible for a €300 credit recharge card and charging cable. Note that the MG4 Electric is a drive that offers two battery levels 51 kWh (170 hp) and a larger 64 kWh (204 hp). Freedom can ride up to 450 km.

Posted on 08/07/2022 Updated 08/07/2022