A competitor to the railways updates the version significantly

A competitor to the railways updates the version significantly

The FlixTrain type continues to grow. As Flix SE from Munich has made public now, three new routes with twelve new sites will be integrated into the FlixTrain network plan in the coming weeks. This also includes the first international connection of FlixTrain to Switzerland. By: FlixTrain seeks to detect further departures from existing routes in the future. But one after the other.

Three new lines from FlixTrain

It was already known that FlixTrain would be operating on the FLX15 route between Stuttgart and Hamburg from May 19th. Central stations are located in Heidelberg, Frankfurt / Main, Kassel and Hanover, among others. Departure is five days a week, but only once per way per day. Starting in Hamburg in the morning, arriving in Stuttgart at noon, the different directions start in Swabia in the afternoon and arrive again in the Hanseatic city very late in the evening. This route is operated by partner rail transport company FlixTrain mbH (SVG).

Starting June 2, FlixTrain, in partnership with Netzwerkbahn Sachsen (NES), will begin a new connection on the route from Berlin to Wiesbaden, which will extend to Stuttgart on Sundays (without stopping Wiesbaden and Frankfurt / Airport). Cities such as Braunschweig, Hildesheim and Offenbach are also served. Leaving the FLX11 line takes place four days a week: Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Again from June 23, FlixTrain will travel between Berlin and Basel – which will also be recognized by the NES. The first cross-border connection from FlixTrain also includes Karlsruhe, Baden-Baden, Offenburg, Freiburg, Wiesloch, Bad Hersfeld and Weil am Rhein in the railway competitor’s offer. The new connection will be connected to the existing FLX10 line and operated once a day from Thursday to Monday. Up to two other trains run on this line for days at a point between Berlin and Stuttgart.

New FlixTrain tickets are now available from EUR 4.99. Especially long-term relationships are It can be set from EUR 9.99 for each direction.

FlixTrain network network in the summer of 2022.

Further operation on known routes

Starting in early June, at the start of the summer season, FlixTrain also seeks to use its already well-known routes. This applies in one direction to the connection from Munich via Cologne to Hamburg (line FLX20), but also to the line from Hamburg via Berlin to Leipzig (line FLX35).

For example, the FLX20 is not only available from Monday to Wednesday between Hamburg (departure 8:50 am) and Cologne (arrival 12:56 pm), but daily. It will also be extended via Bonn, Frankfurt / Main, Würzburg and Augsburg to Munich Central Station (will arrive at 8:07 pm). On the other hand, it leaves daily from Munich at 7:48 am and arrives in Hamburg at 7:07 pm Overall, this line will be on the road up to three times a day from June 11th.

Details on the FlixTrain schedule are via the provider’s website visible. In total, with 300 FlixBus stations, about 70 locations can be reached by FlixTrain in the German-speaking area. And there may be many more stations in the future. Because behind the scenes, the Flix SE is already working hard to be able to work with many other trains in the future.

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