A Civic Type R hybrid, possibly

A Civic Type R hybrid, possibly

According to our colleagues at Autocar, Honda would not rule out the idea of ​​a Civic R hybrid.

It is the exception that proves the rule. Although the Japanese brand Honda had promised not to sell any more electric cars from 2022, the all-new Civic Type R “undermines” this well-established strategy by being powered by the same 4-cylinder turbo 2.0 100% gasoline. the previous version that could, in all probability, develop 330 hp and 420 Nm of torque. But, according to our British colleagues from Autocar who had the opportunity to speak with Ko Yamamoto, Technical Advisor at Honda Motor Europe, the range of Civic Type R may expand in the future with the introduction of one or more hybrid variants.

Hybrid and/or plug-in hybrids

This would make sense as the platform for this eleventh generation Civic was designed from the ground up to run electric motors. After all, the consumer version that we recently tested is only available in one hybrid variant with 184 hp and 315 Nm of torque. Not everything is possible, however, as Ko Yamamoto would say, “we cannot make a 100% electric model on this platform”. A hybrid set of plugs, on the other hand, why, technically speaking, nothing prevents. If it is clear that nothing is happening, Ko Yamamoto rules out the possibility of a 4WD Civic Type R not being used. Such a difference would be “not faster” but definitely “heavier”. Something to calm (a little) the purists.

Posted on 07/29/2022 Updated 07/29/2022