A chair.  The 10 most produced varieties since 1950

A chair. The 10 most produced varieties since 1950

Controversy once again looks at the models most produced by car manufacturers. After Peugeot, Citroën, Ford or Volvo, let’s discover the top 10 Seat, short for Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo (“Spanish Association of Touring Cars” in French). The Iberian manufacturer was born in 1950 under the impetus of the Spanish government and with the support of Fiat. ! Moreover, the Italian brand continued to control until 1982. It was until 1986 that the Volkswagen group bought 51% of the manufacturer’s shares. The seat includes the “young” brand of the German organization. Did you know? For more than seventy years, Seat has launched a total of 75 models.

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Ibiza up

Number 1 – Seat Ibiza (since 1984): 5,942,717 copies.

Appeared in 1984, the Ibiza is at the top of the list of the most produced cars. In thirty-eight years of work and five generations, almost 6 million copies (5,942,717) of the city car were removed from the assembly lines. Ibiza is Kiti’s biggest trading card and is well ahead of Leon, in second place. The compact has been produced in more than 2.4 million units since it arrived on the market in 1999. In its first generation, Seat of León can receive 204 hp VR6 2.8 borrowed from its first cousin Golf. Now the most sporty version is a plug-in hybrid (245 hp) and bAdgea Cupra.

Seat Leon 2020
The fourth generation Seat Leon was launched in 2020.

Fiat licensed seats

The podium is completed by the Seat 127, a cousin of the Fiat 127. The city car sold for ten years (1972 to 1982) was a huge success during that time, mainly due to its XXL capacity. The end of the 127 production ended the partnership, which began in the 1950s, between the Spanish manufacturer and the Italian brand. So don’t be surprised to see among the 10 most produced models, several cars have a family resemblance to Fiat production: Marbella based on Panda, 124 derived from Fiat 124, 600. a true copy of the Fiat 600, or even its older sister the 850 which takes the lines of the two-door transalpine. On the Spanish market, the latter will also be available as a coupé, cabriolet and, in 1967, in a new extended version (+ 15 cm) called. “wide”.

seat 127
Number 3 – Seat 127 (1972-1982): 1,253,604 copies.

Facing the success ofIbiza, Seat wanted to sell a three-box version of its city car in 1993. However, to distinguish it, it takes the name Cordoba. The compact sedan was produced in more than one million copies (1,034,465 units) until 2009. It is the fourth most produced model by Seat, closely followed by another small notchback that appeared in 1991, the Toledo (1,019,636 copies). The launch of the third generation (2005-2009) marked a turning point in the history of the model, which turned into a minivan.

600 seat production
Number 7 – Seat 600 (1957-1973): 783,745 copies.
850 seat production
Number 8 – Seat 850 (1966-1974): 662,832 copies.

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