A businessman requests the return of a car from a lobbyist from Ribeirão Preto

A businessman requests the return of a car from a lobbyist from Ribeirão Preto

Ana Pink left home, in a condominium south of Ribeirão Preto, on August 24 in a Land Rover Defender.

In: Leonardo Santos

Ana Pink left home on Wednesday (24) at 7:36 pm in a Land Rover Defender (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

A businessman from Ribeirão Preto submitted a request to the Magistrate of Ribeirão Preto to try to recover the car that businessman and activist Ana Paula Ferreira, Ana Pink, would leave home, in a condominium in the South Zone, on December 24. August. The lobbyist is a fugitive from justice, which decided to prevent him from being detained.

The businessman is asking for the return of the Land Rover – Defender, which he would have sold to the company of Ana Pink and her husband, lawyer Maicleson Gomes da Silva. According to the petition attached to the case, the car was sold at a price of R$580,000, of which R$100,000 would not be paid.


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In the application submitted to the court, the businessman claims that he knew about the hijacking of the car requested by the MP-SP (Ministry of Public Affairs of São Paulo) after Ana Pink disappeared, a few hours before the Military Police issued an arrest warrant.

According to him, the return of the property would have the purpose of preserving the Land Rover, instead of stopping the car, while the auction was not held. In response, he offered R$ 389,600, which will be the difference between the value of the car and the value of the debt, to be deposited in court.

In the process, the MP-SP explained himself about the proposal. Prosecutors believe the car belongs to Ana Pink and her husband. However, MP-SP does not object if the Court sees the entrepreneur as a “faithful guardian” of Land Rover – Defender, as long as the restriction of operation and transfer of the car continues.

However, the prosecution remembers that it is still important to find and seize the car. The case still needs to be analyzed by the Judge of the 2nd Criminal Court of Ribeirão Preto, where the case is handled.

Influencer Ana Pink left the condominium a few hours before the police arrived in a Land Rover (Photo: Reproduction/Facebook)


The influencer and her husband Maiclerson Gomes da Silva are accused of money laundering and are suspected of running a scheme that would use the name of 360,000 people registered with the INSS without authorization. According to MP-SP, they would issue loans sent in the name of the victims and when the money goes into the beneficiary’s account, the couple would receive a commission of 6%.

According to the prosecution, the scheme would transfer more than 10 million dollars. The defense of Maicleson and Ana Pink denies wrongdoing. The lobbyist’s husband has been detained in the CDP (Temporary Detention Center) in Ribeirão Preto since March, when the operation began.

The lobbyist was arrested, but was under house arrest before his disappearance. Ana Pink’s defense said that she will be brought to court in her evidence scheduled for September 15. This is because the defense claims that “There are no reasons for his absence, given the certainty of his innocence and his release”.

The defense also claims that it is awaiting an analysis by the STJ (Supreme Court of Justice) on the validity of the lobbyist’s request for freedom.