9 Reasons to Prefer Aston Martin Valkyrie Spider to Coupe

9 Reasons to Prefer Aston Martin Valkyrie Spider to Coupe

With the roof high, the air flowed smoothly over the Spider as it does on the Coupe. Ditto for basement impact ground tunnels. At the launch, he thought that removing the space shuttle from the roof would ruin Adrian Newey’s original vision. Damage is the biggest word since Spider is released at 330 km / h in open configuration (do you care about your hair?) And 350 km / h when locked, high speed similar to a coupe. As for the weight difference, it is declared “unsuitable.

Photo: DW Burnett

It can be debated, but I would rather the doors in the Spider Elytron than the one in the coupe’s wings. The hinge of the last one if in the middle of the roof, Aston had no choice but to remove the upper part. In a closed installation, two roof panels open on each side of the central hinge to allow occupants to fall into the cockpit. You can also pull the lever and remove the roof completely (better to do this with two people to prevent it from getting out of your hands …) and leave it in the garage if the weather is good, preferably on a velvet pillow and pompon.

Probably the most obvious reason, right. But since there is no roof, your ears have a straight line and intake over your head, with an exhaust back. I got my first trip as a passenger in the Coupe, and the difference between the roar of the bass in the cockpit and the bloody V12 cry as Valkyrie rows pass you by is crucial. Personally, I prefer the sound from the outside. This Spider body should have the character to give you both. So goosebumps all the time. So it is much better.

One of the conclusions of my passenger experiment is that the cockpit is short to say the least. But then really. It was not a problem for Darren Turner and me, who are both vertical, but if you are a little taller than average, Spider will save you from breaking your neck to climb on board. Your head can even be attached to the back of the windshield. If so, we can’t advise you enough to shave your head, which will be a major part of the aero package. It will also allow you to emphasize the similarities with Adrian Newey, a renowned F1 engineer and architect of this car when the project was launched. Keep in mind that the interior is similar to that of the coupe, with a camera instead of mirrors, very reclining chairs… and that’s about it.

We’re not talking about one of the foam converters: its carbon structure makes it hard, and therefore incredibly efficient, like a coupé. It is clear that we are getting the same hybrid engine consisting of a V12 6.5 aircraft at 1,014 hp that explodes over 11,000 rpm, with a 162 hp electric engine connected to a gearbox. The carbon structure bath is still reinforced to compensate for roof removal, while active aerodynamics and chassis have been redesigned to accommodate this. Aston has not put the figures on the difference in one cycle, but I am ready to bet that the difference is small.

Seriously, take a look. Visually, it is very low, a feeling emphasized by the absence of a roof. Valkyrie species are more defined negatively, with tunnels dug under the car, than with the smooth surfaces of the body itself. But every detail is interesting, and this reduction adds one more.

Not infrequently as the 40 Valkyrie AMR Pros Song only, but there will be only Valkyrie Spider 85, compared to 150 coupe. Spider production seems unplanned, but this project would be launched to make the most of the huge R&D budget set for Valkyrie. Once it is not customary: gentlemen accountants, thank you.

The comparison is a bit far-fetched (if you have left), and of course Aston emphasizes this in his comm around Spider, but it is a fair game. Valkyrie was born in the mind of one of the greatest F1 engineers of all time, and he promises to be one of, if not the most successful road car of all time. If anything, the Silverstone lap behind the wheel is probably the closest experience to the F1 that ordinary human beings – ordinary billionaires, however – can hope to have.

Normally, it is more of a distraction, but in a very closed circle of hypercar holders, it is a note that can be useful for display at a clubhouse. No price has been officially launched but we are talking about 3 million euros, compared to some of the 2.5 million requested by the coupe. The first shipment is scheduled for the second half of 2022. Do you have any regrets? With a delay, they are all for sale.

We have posted some pictures below to comfort you.