800 Renault Grand Scenic for the National Gendarmerie

800 Renault Grand Scenic for the National Gendarmerie

After the Alpine A110, another Groupe Renault model joins the National Gendarmerie range, the Grand Scenic. As for the BRI berlinetta, the latter has been developed by Lens, in the Durisotti company.

Despite the end of production in the compact version and the end of the minivan era, the Renault Scénic is pushing hard to stay on the road. If it is not individuals who are interested in this model, it is the National Gendarmerie that now benefits from the 800 Renault Grand Scénic. The diamond minivan completes a line-up including the Peugeot 5008 and, most recently, the Alpine A110 berlinetta. As a reminder, before the summer, the diamond brand presented the future of its small car through a concept called Scénic Vision.

Modernize the national fleet of the Gendarmerie

The arrival of these Renault Grand Scenics is part of the National Gendarmerie vehicle recovery program, which began at the end of 2020. If the Alpine A110 was chosen to replace the Seat Leon Cupra within the Rapid Intervention Brigade teams, this Scenic is intended. replacing old models with high mileage, sometimes very old and with a Gendarmerie diesel engine. Under the hood, a 160 hp 1.3 TCe 4-cylinder will be used, along with an automatic EDC transmission.

With a budget for the renewal of the vehicle fleet of the orderly forces of 400 million euros, the latter were able to renew almost a quarter of the total vehicle fleet, thus taking more than 1,200 Peugeot 5008s, for the National Police, in 2021.

Prepared and signed by Durisotti

Preparation of Renault Grand Scenic

As with the Alpine A110, this Renault Grand Scenic undergoes a “customization” stage before officially joining the ranks of the Gendarmerie. Indeed, a minivan must have different equipment. For this, it is the Durisotti company, located in Salaumines near Lens, which is responsible for integrating the screen printing, the red and yellow stripes on the front of the car but also the flashing lights on the roof as well as the reinforced glazing. , for intervention. The car has 5 seats to store a large amount of boot to keep the equipment needed for the intervention.

Inside there are also some modifications to be made to add electronics to the car’s dashboard. A limited number of 800 Renault Grand Scenics are being delivered and should arrive in the hands of the National Gendarmerie soon.