“8 players are going to Qatar and I am number 9”

“8 players are going to Qatar and I am number 9”

He arrived at the Garden Rennes last Saturday to participate in the 10th stage of Tour of Cupra Padel-PointFrench 9 Yann Auradou, agreed to answer our questions about his start of the season, his commitment to FFT and the upcoming deadline.

“Manu left for Spain and when he came back he was not well”

Padel Magazine : You had a great start to the season, with a win at Mas de Perpignan with Manu Vives during the recent P2000. What has changed for Manu and you in your game and mentally?

Yann Auradou : “Actually, we didn’t have a good start to the season with Manu. He was coming back from injury, so at first it was a little bit difficult because we didn’t get out of the draw. We are not off to a good start.

But what actually happened was that Manu left for training in Spain and when he came back it was not the same (laughs). In Perpignan we lost a set in the first round, and then it was just amazing: all Manu’s punches came out, he “defended the iron”, I was playing very well too. We really had an exceptional competition, we really took advantage of the absence, but absence is always wrong (laughter), shame. We took advantage and there was still a lot to win, neither team was easy to beat.

We played really well and the final win was even better.”

Yann Auradou (lying down) and Manu Vives during their final victory at the P2000 du Mas

Padel Magazine : After this prestigious victory, do you wish for another success of this “caliber”?

Yann : “Yes, I intend to win P2000 at the Pyramids, so you better ask me a question (laughs). Without a lie, if there are players of the level of Ben Tison competing and/or coming with Spanish players it can be very difficult, because they are still ahead I believe in my teammate and I believe in myself, I think we can beat big teams in one match.

I am very confident for the P2000 of the Pyramids, and for us to say to everyone that it was not an accident or a surprise in the P2000 of Perpignan and that we intend to remain among the best.

The Auradou-Vives pair is still relevant in 2023!

Padel Magazine : We know that Manu planned to work independently in Spain to improve his game, we wanted to know where you were? What? Is the Auradou-Vives pair still relevant?

Yann : ” The two remain important, he will leave for Spain but we will stay together for the P2000 and the French championship 2023. Knowing that I started with him, he was placed in a very low group, even if he will pass me with all his training well. he will do me the honor of staying with me (laughs). He will pay me less!

Of course we will not do the P1000 together because he will not return to France for all the P1000, but anyway the P2000 and the French championship are planned to be done together.

“Create more routes and schools in the north”

Padel Magazine : You are a member of Mission Padel and FFT. How are things with you? For our readers, can you tell us what your job entails?

Yann : “In fact, the mission was born in January, so at first we had to call the league. The goal was really to develop youth activities throughout France. I deal more with the northern regions, Christian Collange, my colleague, deals more with the southern regions. In the South, he has been doing work well for a few years now, so it’s a little easier than in the North. There are also more tracks in the South than in the North, so it’s easier to create events with youth schools. That’s more or less what I’m trying to put into practice in the North. It will take a while, but once it starts, it will be something.

However, this game appeals to everyone, all generations, that’s why it works so well.

Padel Magazine : From your innermost point of view, do you feel some change of the French tower, emphasizing the first edition of Padel Major of Greenweez Paris at Roland Garros?

Yann : “This event at Roland-Garros was amazing. The fact that he is on TV is obviously very important. Indeed padel is not (yet) on public channels, it is on Channel + (for a year from now) and that alone allows you to promote the activity .

I know that this tournament will be renewed and I think that at some point padel will be on TV regularly together with other sports that sit in front of the stage, maybe not only on Canal +, but sometimes on other channels as well. .

Number of curtain tracks : key to reach countries like Spain, Italy or Sweden

Padel Magazine : What do you think is the main thing for a model in France to be able to pass this course and become a popular sport like in Spain, Italy or Sweden, for example?

Yann If we take the example of Sweden, Italy and/or Spain, the padel rinks there grow faster. They are building at an incredible speed. That is what is missing today, it takes longer in France.

He will come, but we are a little behind those three countries and I think we should not be too far from them either.

Tour of cupra Padel-Point, “This affects every generation!”

Padel Magazine : Today we meet in Jardim de Rennes as part of the Cupra Padel-Point Tour, how was your relationship? What does this cycle inspire you?

Yann : “So I already knew that through my sponsor who is none other than Wilson. Since the Cupra Padel-Point Tour is also sponsored by Wilson, it obviously helps to know about such great events.

I had done P500 and the show at the Pyramids, Melissa asked me if I wanted to do it and I happily agreed. What I think is great is that it is very well organized, it is a real change from the P1000 competitions which, from time to time, have organizational failures. This event takes people back, not just padel matches: there is a lot of animation there, and that’s what I like. What’s also interesting is that it doesn’t just affect elites: there’s a P100/P500 tournament, so it affects everyone and every generation. ! “

Yann Auradou Melissa Martin Cupra PPT Rennes
Yann Auradou and Melissa Martin during the Tour of Cupra Padel-Point Rennes

” I am the 9th Frenchman and there are only 8 who will be on the list

Padel Magazine : The next few months will be highlighted by big events like the P2000 des Pyramides, the French championship… but I wanted to get back with you to the World Cup in Qatar. Do you think you can claim a place among the chosen 8?

Yann : “Do I have a level? My ego tells me yes (laughs). No, it’s been a long time since I faced some, because now they do FIPs and come very little to the big French tournaments. So I’m hoping to see some on the P2000 (from Pyramid) to compare myself to. To be honest, I had the level last year, I think I could have been there. This year… it’s difficult because the guys invest more than me: they have more time, they do FIPs, they play players who play at a higher level than you can find in France. They need experience… and so I am the 9th Frenchman and there are only 8 who will be on the list. Therefore, it would make sense for the first 8 to be selected.

I have nothing more than them, well, I don’t think so… in any case, I hope the French team is the best 8 team. Then, if someone is injured, or not feeling well, of course the coach can count on me and I will be 2000% to represent my country!

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