8 hours of traffic to get out… of the festival!

8 hours of traffic to get out… of the festival!

In the United States, the Burning Man festival ended with eight hours of traffic jams recorded. A total of 80,000 people were present.

Have you ever heard of Burning Man, this huge music festival that takes place every year in the Nevada desert. A unique event in the world, which brings together thousands of people every year, in an unusual festive atmosphere. As soon as necessary, this festival returned again this year, after two years due to the Covid-19 crisis. And the least we can say is that the participants were there. And for good reason, no less than 80,000 people walked the sands of the Black Rock Desert for nine days. During the event, festival goers dress up, sing and most of all create impressive works of art, some of which remain on site.

8 hours of traffic jams

But if this festival is therefore a great success, it is not only profitable. Indeed, once it is completed, cars and other motorhomes must therefore leave the premises, almost all at the same time. And if it is always too long to leave, while it is important to be patient, the situation has been somewhat difficult this year. Indeed, cork caused by participants in Burning Man lasted no less than eight hours, on a tracked road in the desert that splits into about ten lanes. Worse, some attendees were locked out for more than 12 hours before being able to leave.

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Other tips

On its Twitter page, the organization of the festival advised participants to be patient, while regularly announcing the estimated waiting time in heavy traffic. In addition, it was also recommended to turn off the engine to save fuel and above all to keep enough moisture, when the temperature in the Nevada desert is obviously very high. Since then, it seems that everyone has been able to leave the site, after a day to stop.

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