8 Cameras and drones

8 Cameras and drones

There police from Dubai it can depend on a large and powerful group of cars. In the group of law enforcement we find SUVs, hypercars and luxury sports cars to fight crime in every situation.

Now police officers can count on a new addition: the Ghiath Smart Patrola luxury off-road vehicle that has already begun patrolling the streets of Dubai.

From hypercar to off-road vehicle

Ghiath Smart Patrol was developed by Lebanese W MotorsThe same brand that previously offered the Lykan Hypersport, the larger 770 HP car also appeared in Fast and Furious 7. According to Parliament, this is the second generation of the model that, even if not specified, depends on Nissan ArmadaLarge SUVs have not been sold in Europe.

W Motors Ghiath Smart Patrol, Dubai's new police SUV

Ghiath can rely on very high quality play and 8 surveillance cameras, a camera with a 360 ° roof and a face recognition and licensing system. In addition, the SUV also includes a drone for more sensible patrols. All major functions can be controlled from 16 “touch screen placed in the center of the dashboard.

What we know about him

W Motors does not specify which engine is hidden under the hood. However, the model can be run with the same V8 of the most powerful Nissan Armada. This impulse provides approx 400 hp Na 560 Nm of torque and takes advantage of a four-wheel drive to allow speed and readiness even off-road.

W Motors Ghiath, civic version

As mentioned, the first Ghiath exhibits released to the police are already on the streets of Dubai. Private customers who want to keep it in the garage, on the other hand, will have to wait a few more months. W Motors has not yet commented on the details equipmentbut it is believed that the SUV in the “civilian” will keep the same performance of V8 in uniform, and also received further privatization.

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