70 years and 1 hp: see how the first Suzuki motorcycle looked

70 years and 1 hp: see how the first Suzuki motorcycle looked

Famous for motorcycle icons such as They don’t kissIt is normal that the first motorcycle of Suzuki It was the simplest example. It was Without Power, a motorized bicycle that was launched in June 1952 and is celebrating its 70th anniversary! Do you want to meet?

Suzuki’s first motorcycle turns 70 years old

First, a little history. Long before the dream of producing motorcycles, Suzuki specialized in the construction of fabrics for weave, an activity that grew rapidly until World War II. However, after the crisis there was a problem in the clothing sector and the brand started thinking about entering other sectors.

Thus began the history of Suzuki, and looms

In the post-war period, the Japanese people’s desire for mobility led to the development of many bicycle factories. only in the area In Hamamatsu there were about thirty producers.

Shinzo Suzuki, the company’s director at the time, was just another one eager for a new kind of mobility. That’s how tired of cycling at home – often against the wind – came up with the idea of ​​a new product in 1951.

first suzuki motorcycle

Suzuki’s first motorcycle, the Power Free is now a rare museum piece

And thanks to the experience gained by craftsmen with textile fabrics, that change from a new project to the development of what would have been Without Power it was short. In early January 1952, tests began on the first prototype, named Atom and equipped. 30cc engine and only 0.2 hp.

On March 3, a second prototype hit the road, this time powered by the last engine. A 36cc single cylinder unit, with maximum power of 1 hp at 4000 rpm. Shinzo and the founder himself, Michio Suzuki, participated in tests to personally verify comfort and practicality.

A Suzuki motorcycle in the 1950s

The Power Free engine brought news, as did the two-speed transmission and multi-disc clutch

All amendments are still necessary and have been made by production model approved on 12 April. However, in order to start production quickly, Suzuki chose to hire many external suppliers and build only the engine and surrounding components in-house.

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The star of mass motorization

Suzuki registered a patent for the Power Free engine, which also had a unique version two-speed transmissionequipped with a multi-disc clutch.

However, these measures allowed the model to beat the competition in terms of performance and ease of driving. The model became the star of Japanese pop culture, but she had a short career.

The most powerful, Diamond Free was released in 1953

With the update of the Highway Code, in August 1952, new conditions were opened for larger, more powerful and durable engines. Therefore, Power Free remained in production for a while, however, in the guise of Diamond Free 60 cc, launched in 1953.

gs 750, a suzuki motorcycle in the 1970s

Decades later, the GS 750 would usher in a new generation of sports bikes.

The following year the first Suzuki motorcycle arrived 125cc, Colleda – four cylinders! Soon after, other iconic examples would appear, such as X6 Hustler (which reached 145 km / h) and GS750the forerunner of all modern sports, in 1976. Discover the history of the brand here.