5 Tesla Model X Plaid Technologies We Discovered In Our Test |  Curiosity

5 Tesla Model X Plaid Technologies We Discovered In Our Test | Curiosity

Before testing any car it is important to spend hours (or even days) studying the model. In some cases, the mission is more difficult, as it was for Tesla Model X Plaid, which we recently tested. I read this electric SUV many times, but I will admit one thing: when I had personal contact I was more impressed than I thought I would be.

To share this experience with you, I decided to write five ridiculous technologies that I learned from the Tesla Model X Plaid.

1) Remote system from another country

You can connect and activate several features of a car from another country — Image: Solution

When someone buys any Elon Musk-branded car, they have to download the Tesla app and create their profile, just like we do when we buy a new cell phone. In addition to the settings and services of the car configuration, such as the start key – Current Tesla cars no longer have a physical key, everything is done with a mobile phone -, it is also possible to perform various functions remotely. Like, for example, starting a car in another country.

There is no small area to control the car, just have internet access. If you have any Tesla model in the US, for example, and you want to open the doors, turn on ten cameras or even start the car, you can do it here in Brazil. And if your cell phone runs out of battery and you can’t do any of these tasks, you can pass your login and password to a trusted third party who can do all of this yourself.

2) Opening gull-wing doors

Tesla Model X Plaid can have the door open with a simple tap on a mobile phone – Photo: Disclosure

Model X’s iconic tailgate is the most technologically advanced ever. They can be activated with a button built into the body, but the most practical way, of course, is with a mobile phone. Just open the map of the car through the Tesla app and click on the two doors they open. And full opening takes no more than 5 seconds.

But you may ask yourself: “If the Tesla is standing in a very closed space or very close to a wall, will the door open when opening?”. The answer to that question is no. The doors are equipped with sensors that detect the proximity of objects, sides and height. Therefore, it moves at several different angles to avoid any bumps.

During our test, we placed the Jeep Commander less than a meter away from the Model X Plaid, simulating a tight space in a supermarket or supermarket. And indeed, the system correctly read the location and opened the door without touching another car. In this case, the complete opening takes a little time, as it is necessary to correctly calculate the cycle. However, it doesn’t even take 10 seconds.

3) Opening the driver’s door

It is possible to open the driver’s door just by approaching the car with a mobile phone in hand — Photo: Disclosure

Along with the gullwing doors, the front doors can also be opened either with a button built into the bodywork, or with a mobile phone. However, here is still a more practical option for the driver’s door.

With a smartphone, which can be in your pocket, not necessarily in your hand, you just need to approach the driver’s door for it to open by itself. When you sit on the seat and step on the brake pedal, it also locks automatically.

The car makes several decisions on its own without the driver’s intervention.

When we left to do the test, in São Paulo, we entered the highway and activated Autopilot via a button on the steering wheel. In the map diagram on the instrument panel, with a 12.3-inch screen, this system recognizes almost everything on the road: traffic lights, traffic signs, traffic lights, cars, trucks, pedestrians, animals and even some objects.

It even gives you stomach butterflies to see the car doing everything by itself and the steering wheel turning without human intervention, but the system drives the car perfectly, without causing any panic.

The driver can choose a higher speed and the system will understand the right time to accelerate and brake. However, if you are on a road where the speed limit is 120 km/h and enter another where the maximum speed allowed is 80 km/h, for example, the system will not understand, setting a maximum speed of 120 km/h. In such cases, the driver must make these changes manually.

It is important to say that the system does not recognize the radar on the road. It will display the maximum highway speed on the instrument panel, as most cars do, but it will not automatically break when passing the radar.

Lane changes, for example, also require human intervention. The car even changes lanes by itself, however, the driver needs to activate the direction of the arrow. If there is another vehicle in the blind spot, the system will wait and execute the maneuver in a timely and safe manner.

This Autopilot evokes the feeling of “being tested by the car”.

5) Performance and freedom

Tesla Model X Plaid’s top speed is electronically limited to 262 km/h — Photo: Disclosure

“The electric car is boring”. Whoever says that, has certainly never accelerated an electric car in his life. And in the case of the Tesla Model X Plaid, you can even judge the look as not very sporty, but it is more powerful than the Ferrari SF90, for example, than the most powerful model of the Italian brand at the moment with 1,000 hp. .

The North American SUV has no less than 1,020 hp and 140 kgfm of torque. No, you didn’t read it wrong, that’s right. This makes the car accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds, leaving the very sporty V12 engine behind. The top speed of the Tesla Model X Plaid is electronically limited to 262 km/h.

Well, Elon Musk brought all the technology to the performance and with such impressive numbers you might think that freedom is limited, but it is not. There are 535 kilometers on the WLTP cycle. To get an idea, the electric car with the greatest autonomy in Brazil is the BMW IX, which has 630 hp, according to the manufacturer, however, it has almost half the power of the Tesla: 523 hp and 78 kgfm of torque.

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