5 Smart Fortwos from €6,990

5 Smart Fortwos from €6,990

Smart Fortwo is undoubtedly the most original, practical and agile city chip. Since its launch in 1998, it has already embodied and ahead of its time the ideal of simple daily mobility. For second-hand, its last two generations are available from less than 7,000 euros.

After rejection of Volkswagen, Peugeot, Renault and General Motorsfinally it was Mercedes-Benz which in 1994 takes on the slightly crazy challenge of the CEO of Swatch Nicholas Hayek; that of create a two-seater city car to move easily every day. baptized Smart (for Swatch-Mercedes Art), this a little chip mark his generation, rule almost like the only lady on board in the city’s two-person community.

Smart Fortwo, 2014, €6,990

The Twois as its name suggests a two-door compact cabin where it can be done two people, in the central cell as safe as it is good. Priority is given to very compact size (2.69m long) which however can carry a generous sized trunk (260 liters).

Smart Fortwo, 2017, €12,290

And the third generation, Smart he did Common mechanics with Renault Twingoand therefore inherits its same engines: so we got at the entry level a 1.0 engine of 61, 71 or 90hp, choice of manual or automatic transmission.

Smart Fortwo, 2018, €12,990

On board Two, residency is hospitalityand heat transfer. the shapes, materials and color of the dashboard can be customized give this behavior to Smart and bathe the driver and passengers in a a wonderful world.

Smart Fortwo, 2018, €13,490

Even if he is not thunder of war, the Two it still holds up well for daily driving, and a driving comfort, soundproofing and taking better than its previous generation. The manual transmission or even a dual-clutch automatic are promises of comfortand forget you robot gearbox very often.

Smart Fortwo, 2019, €13,790

Although small in size, Two It does not skimp on comfort and connectivityand thus gives, according to his versions, a cruise control/speed limiter, panoramic roof, multimedia system with touch screen, heated seats and even a Sport package.

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