5 reasons to buy and not buy an SUV

5 reasons to buy and not buy an SUV

Jeep Compass (Photo: Advertising/Jeep)

Here in Brazil, some SUVs are among the most sold in the country. The car that stands out in sales is Jeep Compass 2022. Made in the state of Pernambuco, the model of the North American brand has become a consumer dream and is the leader among mid-size SUVs. But do you know its advantages and disadvantages? See more details here!

Jeep Compass 2022
Jeep Compass is one of the best selling cars in the country (Photo: Disclosure/Jeep)

Check out the pros and cons of the 2022 Jeep Compass:

Jeep has been successful for a long time here in Brazil. Even imported, the Grand Cherokee has always been a very popular and desirable car. And that has grown over the years. Even more so after the arrival of the duo Renegade and Compass. Today, the brand is already among the best sellers.

And today we will talk about its representative in the category of medium SUVs. O Jeep Compass it was launched here in Brazil in 2016 and was revised last year. It soon became a bestseller. Last year, for example, the car had 70,906 units were sold. Closing the year in sixth place overall in sales position.


Jeep Compass (Photo: Advertising/Jeep)
Jeep Compass (Photo: Advertising/Jeep)

In the current range, it is sold in five different trim options (Sport, Longitude, Limited, Serie S and Trailhwak). There are two engine options (1.3 Turbo Flex and 2.0 Turbodiesel). Not to mention the 4xe model. But what are the main features? And its disadvantages? That is what we will see from now on.


Price + accessories

Jeep Compass (Photo: Advertising/Jeep)

We start by talking about the most important features. Good reputation of Jeep Compass 2022 it’s your price. The cheapest version (Sport) costs from BRL 161,472. Although it is slightly above the Toyota Corolla Cross, it can do it because of its equipment package.

This car already comes with dual digital air conditioning, 8.4-inch media center, keyless entry system, stability control, power steering, Full LED headlights, six airbags, parking sensor and more. Moving on to other versions, you can see that they are also cheaper.

Counting between versions Longitude T270 and Trailhawk TD350the cost of the car between BRL 171,327 and BRL 233,200. And the car can still have, depending on the version, a 10.1 multimedia center, a 10.25-inch digital instrument panel, a panoramic sunroof, adaptive automatic, Adventure Intelligence Plus and others.

Performance and consumption with diesel

Another thing that can be interesting is performance. Sport, Longitude, Limited and Serie S versions are equipped with engines 1.3 TurboFlex of the GSE family. It can generate high power 185 hp and maximum torque 270 Nm. It is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

This is more powerful than the 2.0 16V Flex of the Corolla Cross and the 1.4 TSI of the VW Taos. The Longitude TD350, Limited TD350 and Trailhawk TD350 versions are equipped with 2.0 Turbodiesel. This can yields 170 horses and 350 Nm of torque. In this case, the set still has a nine-speed automatic transmission and 4 × 4 traction.

Diesel versions stand to be used as well. Compass Limited can do 10.4 km/l on the road and 13 km/ll in the city.

4x version

Jeep Compass 2022
Jeep Compass 4xe (Photo: Disclosure / Jeep)

O Jeep Compass 2022 had a new version released this year. After launching in other markets, Compass 4Xe he finally arrived in Brazil. The model comes with the status of the American automaker’s first electric car in our market. The pattern will be set as the top of the line style.

Its launch price is BRL 349,990. In this version, the main display is a hybrid set. This is created by the engine 1.3 Turbo (petrol; 180 horsepower) is a electric motor (60 hp). This car has a combined power of 240 hp. The set also comes with a battery 11.4 kWh.

Since it is a plug-in hybrid, you can run 44 kilometers in electrical mode. the use is 25.4 km/l (city) and 24.2 km/l (highway).


Use of Flex models

As you can see above, the Compass 4Xe application is visible. However, this is one of the negative points of combustion versions. O Jeep Compass 2022 Sportfor example, it can run 10.5 km/l (petrol) and 7.3 km/l (ethanol) in the city. At the same time on the road he can ride 12.1 km/l (petrol) and 8.7 km/l (ethanol).

These numbers are lower than those of its competitors. O Corolla Cross XREfor example, it does 11.5 km/l (petrol) and 8 km/l (ethanol) in the city. Meanwhile, on the highway, the car does 12.8 km/l (petrol) and 9 km/l (ethanol).

Inner space and trunk

Jeep Compass 2022
Jeep Compass (Photo: Advertising/Jeep)

Finally, we will talk about internal space. This is something that many people consider when buying a car. O Jeep Compass has a wheel of 2,636 mm. This number is lower than other mid-size SUVs on the market. Corolla Cross wheel dimensions 2,640 mmfor example.

VW Taos wheel scales 2,680 mm. The same effect we can see when we talk about the stem. In the case of the Compass, it measures 410 liters. Here he is behind Toyota Corolla Cross (440 liters)of Caoa Chery Tiggo 7 Pro (475 liters) It is from VW Taos (498 liters).

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