5 reasons NOT to buy a Porsche Panamera 4S e-Hybrid

5 reasons NOT to buy a Porsche Panamera 4S e-Hybrid

The Porsche Panamera is an interesting car and it can win you over for a number of reasons, but, as you might expect, not every product is perfect and that also applies to the German car, despite its range.

In the case of the 4S e-Hybrid, the mid-range variant rated by Canaltech, we are missing some important equipment, as well as small problems that cannot be part of the daily life of a car that exceeds R $ 740 thousand. Although not real flaws, they are worth mentioning.

Especially for that reason, Canaltech listed 5 reasons why you should buy the Porsche Panamera 4S e-Hybrid. Look!

5. Visibility

The design of the Porsche Panamera is one of the highlights, but that came at a price. Even on the plus side, front and rear proximity sensors, life in traffic can be a bit difficult, even more so during rush hour, with lots of cars and motorbikes on the street.

The rear window is small and the exterior mirrors lack blind spot and traffic alert.

The rear window of the Porsche Panamera is small and spoilery, when open, it takes away even more visibility (Photo: Ivo Meneghel/Canaltech)

4. Where is Android Auto?

Porsche Panamera unit rated by Canaltech it didn’t have Android Auto in its multimedia center, as well as a prototype installer on the brand’s official website. But the system update already released provides that some variants not only of the sedan, but of other models, may have a mirror for Android phones.

For a car of this price and this category, it was something we shouldn’t even talk about here, right?

The Porsche Panamera’s multimedia center is pretty cool, but it doesn’t have Android Auto (Photo: Ivo Meneghel/Canaltech)

3. Safety equipment used

Although it is a very safe car, with 10 airbags as standard and a construction and drivability that exudes confidence, under the eyes of technology, it lacks the equipment to make the Porsche Panamera more complete. This is the case, for example, with forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking, present in models of brands such as the Cayenne SUV.

In the case of the Panamera 4S e-Hybrid, only the lane composition system and automatic piloting are available.

The Panamera is quite safe, but it could be more (Photo: Ivo Meneghel/Canaltech)

2. Back row

Although the Porsche Panamera is suitable for all four of its occupants, a car of this size could have a better solution so that at least one more person can fit in the back row of seats. Not that this is a drawback, but the “familiar” appeal of the car will make more sense with five seats.

The all-wheel drive and climate control system carry over from the Panamera (Photo: Ivo Meneghel/Canaltech)

1. The trunk

The trunk of all versions of the Porsche Panamera has a good volume: 403 liters. The problem here is that we have to take an extra tire, which is no more than a large third wheel of 20 inches, and a suitcase with portable charging equipment for the car’s battery. electricity.

As you can see from the picture, shopping for a month or traveling in a Porsche Panamera is a difficult task if you think about the storage space.

Despite the good volume, the trunk of the Panamera is not well used (Photo: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)