5 (good) reasons to switch to an electric car

5 (good) reasons to switch to an electric car

Why switch to electric cars in 2022? Our experts give you 5 good reasons to act now.

Change can sometimes be scary. In terms of cars, the time of transition to electricity has arrived. And often in life, he wants to be part of the pioneers rather than late. Here are five good reasons to switch electric car today, without waiting for their deployment to the entire fleet.

1 – It is good for the environment

Stop fake news! If the production of a electric car produces more CO2 than a hot car (gasoline, diesel, etc.) due to the presence of a large battery, the situation is changed after 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers of urban travel, remembers the NGO environment Carbon 4. Driving an electric car. instead of a combustion engine it therefore contributes to reducing your CO2 emissions, which are responsible for climate change.

2 – It’s cheaper every day

It’s time to pull out our calculator and see how much cheaper an electric car will be compared to a diesel or petrol car. To do this, let’s take a simple example:

  • Price per liter of gasoline: 1.50 euros
  • Car consumption: 6.0 liters / 100 km

Fuel price per 100 kilometers traveled = 9.00 euros

  • Price per kWh of electricity at home: euro 0.1841 (EDF maximum hourly rate as of 1 September 2022)
  • Car consumption: 20 kWh/100 km

The price of electricity for 100 kilometers traveled = 3.68 euros

With a difference of more than 5 euros per 100 km, an electric car pays for itself faster than a conventional car… And this, even if you choose to recharge quickly, for example during long road trips.

3 – It is reliable

Battery wear is much slower than on your phone. Most cars lose less than 10% of their autonomy after 10 years of use or several hundred thousand kilometers traveled. Therefore their life is comparable to, or even more than, conventional cars, especially since the number of parts that can fail is reduced. A electric car it won’t hurt you with a cylinder head gasket… It’s enough to reduce, there too, the mark of these cars on the environment.

4 – It is comfortable and safe

In crowded cities or on small roads, the electric motor is not noisy. In the cabin, your ears only pick up the sound of the wind and the friction of the tires on the road. What better way to enjoy the music you love. This acoustic comfort also encourages you to drive “wilder” and therefore save more energy… and therefore save, period.

An electric car is also fun to drive. When accelerating, the torque arrives immediately and strongly, without any discomfort associated with gear changes or the need to play with the gear lever. Zero inertia upon acceleration. This is a security property when passing. In addition, many cars benefit from driving with one pedal: the car goes forward and stops only by pressing (or not) with your right foot. Attention lazy people!

5 – It is profitable in the medium term

In Europe, the sale of new petrol cars will be banned in 2035. Meanwhile, many cities intend to gradually close their city centers to diesel cars, then petrol, by the end of the decade. In three or five years, it will be difficult to sell the conventional car again… while electric cars should be valued for their ability to go anywhere. Their residual value will therefore be higher in the coming years. In other words, you will resell it for more.

This trend is accompanied by a decrease in government aid for the purchase of a electric car. So it’s high time to take advantage of these gadgets that won’t last forever.

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