5 BMW 1 Series from €12,490

5 BMW 1 Series from €12,490

The 1 Series may be the smallest model of the Bavarian brand, yet it has almost everything big. At least until the latest generation, which changes things a bit… No more motivational architecture, the compact becomes the attraction!

Unfortunately, today this is no longer the case. The 1 Series has become a blasphemy for fans of the Bavarian brand. And for good reason, the compact has gained traction when changing to 3e and the last generation in 2019! If it’s the propulsion architecture that still catches your eye, it will be worth heading to the second-hand market. and so our classified ads!

BMW 1 Series, 2011, €12,490

Launched in 2004, the small 1 Series became the entry point in the BMW range. But don’t get me wrong, It’s really Bavaria! Its engine is in the front and sends all its power to the rear wheels only! On the wheel this articlefun is guaranteed!

BMW 1 Series, 2017, €16,490

Until 2019, the 1 Series existed in a traditional 5-door body, but also in a 3-door version! Under practical circumstances, of course, this article however, it has a stronger appearance in this bodywork.

BMW 1 Series, 2017, €16,990

We continue to say, but if it is not clear, The 1 Series is a real BMW. Here is the proof once again like all other models of the brand, it can afford the sporty look of the M package who prepares this article !

BMW 1 Series, 2017, €16,990

The 1 Series has long shared some of the most luxurious features and designs with the legendary 3 Series. This was mainly for 2.e generation This “F20” her little name had the same passenger part as her older sister.

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BMW 1 Series, 2020, €24,990

Here’s the last Series 1 head, the one that ditched its rear-wheel drive. But despite this evil, this article however it is one of the most fun to drive in its class! It should be said that their rear axle is always mobile, it’s that the slopes happen when you let the accelerator instead of pressing it.

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