4H.  de Monza – IDEC Sport wins ahead of Panis Racing

4H. de Monza – IDEC Sport wins ahead of Panis Racing

4H. de Monza were revived from beginning to end, with indifference to several punishments. The identity of the winning team was uncertain until the last quarter of an hour of the event. When the pit stopped, it was Mühlner Motorsport’s car owned by Matthias Kaiser, Thomas Laurent and Ugo de Wilde that emerged unscathed, but it too had not yet returned to the pit line.

11 minutes before the goal, Paul-Loup Chatin scored the leading goal IDEC Games, despite a 20-second penalty paid in pits. The French team won for the first time since 4 Hours of Portimão 2019 after four hours well led by three Frenchmen made up of Chatin, Paul Lafargue and Patrick Pilet. The French teams shone with second place Panis Racing for Julien Canal, Job van Uitert and Nico Jamin. Prema found the stage in the final rounds with Louis Delétraz.

Dominatrix in these 4 hours. From Monza, Inter Europol Ligier JS P320 Competition – Nissan n ° 13 won the LM P3 unit with Nico Pino, Charles Crews and Guilherme Oliveira. The French manufacturer scored a hat-trick with a n ° 6 360 (Terence Woodward, Ross Kaiser, Mark Richards) and a n ° 11 Eurointernational (Max Koebolt, Jérome de Sadeleer).

Ferrari could hide another on the GT. While Iron Dames held the podium for a very long time, it was finally n ° 60 for Iron Lynx (Claudio Schiavoni, Matteo Cressoni, Davide Rigon) who took advantage of the uncompromising strategy to win ahead of the Porsche 911 RSR – 19. n ° 77 from the Race of Protons (Christian Ried, Lorenzo Ferrari, Gianmaria Bruni) and other Ferrari, n ° 57 from Kessel Racing (Takeshi Kimura, Frederik Schandorff, Mikkel Jensen).