36 years after buying a defective car, someone burned down the store

36 years after buying a defective car, someone burned down the store

The loss amounted to more than 70 thousand dollars
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In 1986, a man named Dewey Frederick bought a damaged car, it was a Jeep model. After 36 years, after the car had many problems, the old man from Indiana, USA, decided to take revenge on the store that sold him the damaged Jeep and burned everything.

Dewey Frederick, now 76, went around 1:15 a.m. on July 17 to the O’Daniel Auto Mart – where he bought the defective car – and carried out his revenge plan.

While inside a used parking lot, he opened the fuel tank cap of a 2018 Jeep Compass and identified a flashing light. A few minutes later, the car was already on fire and the fire had spread to two SUVs parked next to it, a GMC Acadia and a Jeep Cherokee.

The Jeep Compass completely burned, all in ashes.
The Jeep Compass was completely burnt

When the fire got worse, the old man made his way to a nearby Mazda car dealership. When he arrived at the shop, which is also owned by O’Daniel – the man who sold him the defective car – Frederick punched a hole in the convertible top of the Pontiac Solstice and set off another flare, which exploded and destroyed the interior of the building. car..

Security cameras captured the entire act. In total, the 76-year-old caused more than $85,000 in damage to the store. It was $75,000 for three SUVs and $12,823 in damage to a Pontiac Solstice sports car.

Dewey Frederick was arrested and confessed to all the crimes. To the police, he claimed that he did all the exercises because he bought from O’Daniel a faulty car, with a faulty engine, in 1986. According to the suspect, the dealer knew the problem and would refuse to fix it. He was arrested last Saturday (23) and accused of causing four arson attacks. If convicted, the punishment could range from 8 to 48 years in prison.