30 Years Dodge Viper |  auto-motor.at

30 Years Dodge Viper | auto-motor.at

It’s hard to believe that the Dodge Viper is 30 years old again. Even after such a long time, the design is still impressive with its lovely lines and still looks as modern as the first day.

The redesign of the American muscle car has a very long bonnet, a thin passenger section and a narrow rear end.

With Viper, Dodge wanted to get involved in the luxury car market and offer alternatives to the Corvette, Ferrari 348 and Porsche 911.

Initially, Viper was only available in the open version as Viper RT / 10, but a year later the closed version was followed by Viper GTS.

As a special model, Viper had an 8.0-liter 10-cylinder engine that previously had an output of 394 hp (290 kW). The most powerful version in the Viper GTS was 456 hp (335 kW).

This made Viper more powerful than most sports cars of the time. The interior also showed a very sporty side. The driver and front passenger were surrounded by a wide center cone and had very little space.

Because of the high performance, many also had problems keeping the Viper on the stream, modern support systems as we know it today were not on the market 30 years ago.

In 2002, the next generation of Viper was introduced, but visually it did not differ much from the first generation.

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