3 Good reasons to choose a used Kia Niro

3 Good reasons to choose a used Kia Niro

Appearing on our roads six years ago, the small Kia Niro crossover is a rare species in the automotive industry. Not only does it offer a gasoline version, but it is available as a hybrid, plug-in (Niro PHEV) and an all-electric car (Niro EV).

For single people, couples, or even small families looking for a use that is not too big but practical (despite the lack of an all-wheel drive) and low fuel consumption (who does not want to save money on a pump for rising gas prices. Right now ?), certainly an example to consider.

A new generation is coming in 2023, but here are three good reasons to choose a used Kia Niro…

Photo: Kia Canada Inc.


Let’s talk about gasoline. The Niro dominates its range with a consumption of only 4.8 / 100 liters (which rides up to 5.4 L / 100 km in the heaviest version of Touring). The Niro PHEV is capable of covering forty miles without burning a single drop, then it needs 5.1 L / 100 km when the battery runs out. Finally, to avoid being forced to stop at a service station and instead connect to charging stations, select the Niro EV, which offers a distance of 385 miles in ideal conditions.

Photo: Kia

Quality and reliability

For several years now, the Kia has been among the best car brands in terms of quality, as confirmed by studies by US company JD Power. The agency also puts Kia on its latest level of reliability, based on three-year-old cars. In addition, a popular magazine User Reports considers Niro to be the most reliable model of many, especially those of the 2019 model years and the newest.

Photo: Kia

For money

Finally, the Kia Niro is impressive with the level of equipment offered at the asking price as well as its internal volume due to its small size. The standard hybrid model has a 635-liter stem that can extend up to 1,789 liters by folding the back seat. It’s lovely. As for the Niro PHEV and the Niro EV, because of the high voltage batteries that each is equipped with, their maximum carrying capacity is over 1,500 liters.

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