3 characteristics of the Queen of England that you can have without leaving Brazil

3 characteristics of the Queen of England that you can have without leaving Brazil

One of the habits of the Queen of England was to drink tea every day (Credit: pressphoto/freepik)

More than seven decades of her throne, Queen Elizabeth II left a legacy that will not be forgotten by the British people, even after her death, at the age of 96, announced this Thursday (7).

Despite her always prudent and restrained behavior, the queen was strict about her behavior and traditions, and eventually infected many people inside and outside the royal family.

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Discover the main characteristics of Elizabeth II, which can also be adopted by the queen’s lovers in Brazil.

1. Drink gin every day before lunch

Gin Tanqueray - Production Instagram TanquerayBR
One of the most awarded and famous gin companies in the world is Tanqueray, from London (Credit: Production/Instagram/TanquerayBR)

Characteristics: Brazilians can classify the queen as a “good drinker”. That’s because until health problems started and doctors advised him to avoid alcohol, he was drinking several types of cocktails every day, according to Business Insider.

The main one, used to “start work”, was a drink with gin that he tasted every day before lunch. In addition to gin, the drink included: Dubonnet liqueur, a lemon wedge and plenty of ice.

The love for the drink was so great, even the royal family decided to produce their own. It’s called Buckingham Palace Gin, it’s made from 12 secret herbs, harvested in Buckingham Palace Gardens, and produced there – it’s only sold to UK residents.

How to fit: for those interested, it is possible to buy other brands of gin sold in Brazil. One of the most award-winning and famous gin companies in the world is Tanqueray, from London. The 750 ml version can be had from R$ 99.89.

Another famous English gin is Gordon Dry Gin, also made in the capital of England, which costs R$ 64.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

2. Tea with friends

earl gray reproduction Instagram Twinings Brasil
Among the different flavors of tea, the queen’s favorite, Earl Grey, from Twinings, which can be had for R$ 14.91 (Credit:Reprodução/Instagram/TwiningsBR)

Characteristics: The secret to longevity is balance. And to balance the food, the queen was also a fan of good tea. The tradition, a legacy of the Portuguese royal family, has been in the British royal family for a long time, but it was Elizabeth II who established a modern voice for the practice.

She used to drink tea every day at five o’clock in the afternoon – the famous “queen’s five o’clock tea”. Although there are no official sources for Elizabeth II’s favorite tea, it is believed that she liked black, tangerine-scented tea, mixed with milk and without sugar, as described in the book Eating Royally. free translation).

How to fit: The royal family’s favorite tea company, Twinings, has been supplying the drink to British royalty since 1837. Fortunately, the English brand is sold here and, among the various flavors, the queen’s favorite, Earl Grey, can be had for R$ 14.91 (box with 10 units).

3. Passion for cars

Land Rover Range Rover Disclosure Land Rover
In Brazil, the new Land Rover Range Rover costs BRL 1.6 million (Credit: Disclosure/Land Rover)
Disclosure / Land Rover

Characteristics: Queen Elizabeth II was able to transform luxury cars into true international icons by adopting models from the brands Land Rover, Rolls Royce and Jaguar in “modern cars”,

His taste for English jeeps began with Land Rover, a brand that accompanied the queen in several models of cars she owned in her life. As recently as April this year, he was seen driving his 2001 Land Rover Range Rover out of the garage, in celebration of his 96th birthday.

How to fit: Recently, the British brand presented its “luxury jeep” to Brazil, the Land Rover Range Rover, which costs R $ 1.6 million. In addition to the strong flashlight, the SUV still comes with a refrigerator and crystal glasses. For those who want to spend a little less, but still want to imitate the behavior of the queen, the Jeep Compass can be an option, available for R $ 220,275.