24 Hours of Le Mans.  Ferrari presents its new 296 GT3

24 Hours of Le Mans. Ferrari presents its new 296 GT3

It is a car that has been anticipated for some time, and especially the announcement of the collaboration between Ferrari and Oreca. The 296 GT3, which will be a heavy-duty successor to the Ferrari 488 GTE and Ferrari 488 GT3, was presented ahead of the 24 Hours of Trade-Francorchamps.

Why a series of two cars? In 2024, the GTE at the 24 Hours of Le Mans will be replaced by the “premium” GT3. So this Ferrari will race in Sarthe as well as in the 24 Hours of Spa or Daytona. Daytona where he will start in the competition next January. “This will give us an emotional program and race”, he told Ferrari GT boss Antonello Coletta at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Ferrari presented its 296 GT3. | FERRARI MEDIA

On the technical side, this Ferrari marks a technical break with its older sisters. From the 360 ​​Modena to the 488, it was the V8 engine that sat in the back of the berlinetta. In this 296 GT3, it is the 3-liter V6 Turbo engine that will do it. An evolution that, according to the factory, makes it possible to save space, also to improve the center of gravity and balance of citizens in the car. The brand also highlights the work done on fuel consumption, without making any concessions on its power.

Ferrari presented its 296 GT3. | FERRARI MEDIA

Long work on water mechanics inside and out has been done by the Italian brand. The car is intended to be slimmer, aerodynamically speaking, than the 488. It is also designed to suit the professional driver or gentleman driver. On the practical side, the brand has worked on quick-change systems for the front and rear parts, which were the weak point of the old Ferrari GTs.

Ferrari presented its 296 GT3. | FERRARI MEDIA

According to Ferrari, this 296 GT3 “was developed for extreme use, an example of the ‘Pro’ classes where victory is the main goal, and for gentleman drivers, for whom racing is more fun. The whole concept of the project emerged in 2020 and was put into practice and the first CFD models and simulator models. This is followed by internal testing, which defines the aerodynamic shape of the car in the wind tunnel, adjusts the engine bench and measures the stiffness of the car’s chassis. Since the first shake on the circuit of Fiorano on April 12, 2022, the new Ferrari has covered tens of thousands of kilometers to prepare it for the race, the most difficult challenge of all. »

See you in Daytona, now, for the first laps. It will be January 2023.