24 Hours of Business-Francorchamps: Ferrari confirms its claims

24 Hours of Business-Francorchamps: Ferrari confirms its claims

The starting grid for the 24 Hours of Business will be known only this Friday at 7:30 pm, at the end of the main pole reserved for the 20 fastest cars of the 66 cars that will cover the two hours of Business. Saturday, from 4:45 pm These 20 cars were selected after qualifying on Thursday evening.

During the free and pre-qualifying sessions, several drivers did not fail to challenge the limits of their car and, very often, the track as well.

As it has become a hot topic, in F1 as well as in many other championships, respecting these limits was at the heart of many conversations. While the free session on Thursday morning was interrupted by red flags five times, and qualifying ahead of two others.

Vanthoor in grid background

Thursday evening’s qualifying session was also highlighted by a few incidents. Among these, we can note the brake problems of the Porsche KCMG brought back to the back of the grid. “Losing the brakes from the first heavy brake on the Source was not the best way to start these tests”, philosophized Laurens Vanthoor who did not make a play. “We won’t be on super-pole, but that doesn’t mean it’s over for us. We saw last year that depending on the events and the break in the race, there was a way to climb.

A concern that should not have, initially at least, the crew of Ferrari 71 (Rigon-Serra-Fuoco) and 51 (Molina-Nielsen-Calado) to monopolize the first theoretical row of the starting grid. “I benefited from good absorption”, tried to justify Antonio Fuoco, after breaking the track record by almost a second by signing an impressive time of 2.16.486. “The most important thing was to go to the super-pole. Next came the Lamborghini of Pepper-Caldarelli-Mapelli, and the Audis of Haase-Drudi-Ghiotto and Weerts-Dries Vanthoor-Van der Linde, the first Belgian crew.

Maxime Martin (13th in Aston Martin) was the second Belgian to qualify for superpole this Friday; a goal that Valentino Rossi (with Vervisch and Muller) could not achieve, who was also fined 700 euros for speeding in the pits.

Note: 7 of the 8 manufacturers entered in this 24 Hours have at least one car that will contest super-pole this Friday, proof of the balance that exists within this great field.