2023 Peugeot 508 Facelift May Look Something Like This

2023 Peugeot 508 Facelift May Look Something Like This

Plug-in hybrids are ideal for electric-only commuting and reduce CO2 emissions? The Peugeot 508 PSE can also accomplish that. Moreover, he is fed up with not two, but three engines and their combined power. Consequently, it is also the first Peugeot Sport model. We will attempt that.

The GTI has been replaced by the PSE. Yes, that is how things work. Peugeot is abandoning its old brand, which graced such great automobiles, and is instead concentrating on ecologically aware plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Engineers at Peugeot Sport have enhanced the 508 GT’s plug-in engine idea, which debuted with the 508 GT. Similarly, this is how PSE describes itself: Peugeot Sports Technology. And the guys have correctly fueled the station wagon. An auxiliary electric motor on the rear axle with a maximum power of 83 kW (112 hp) and an additional 166 Nm is the most crucial component. The front electric motor stays at 81 kW and is complemented by a 200-horsepower gasoline engine.

Peugeot 508 SW PSE

PSE was also responsible for the chassis. Larger front brakes, a wider track, extra stabilizers, returned driving modes, and specially tailored Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires should assure a dynamic driving character. Before we begin, let’s take a short glance at the body of the 508. Because from the exterior, the PSE is a true riot starter: various flaps, a gloomy front, distinctive PSE labels in kryptonite, and big tailpipes – the already eye-catching, but so far fashionable 508 SW transforms into a violent station wagon that attracts a great deal of attention.

The 1.6-liter engine produces 200 horsepower.

Let’s go. And because we are already acquainted with the 508 as a conventional plug-in hybrid and all of its capable driving modes, let’s engage the sport mode immediately. The front 1.6-liter, 200-horsepower combustion engine must perform as well as the two electric motors. The total maximum horsepower is 360. The total torque is 520 Nm.

Exists anything? We leave the parking lot remarkably quietly, immediately enter the countryside, and then begin pedaling. And indeed, guys here is when the action truly begins. Maximum traction, no scratching, and the almost two-ton station wagon drive aggressively.

It takes less than five seconds to reach 100 km/h, and then it gains power and speed steadily until it approaches 250 km/h. Obviously, just on the highway. At 190 km/h, the electric motor shuts off very imperceptibly.

Peugeot 508 SW PSE

He approaches fast and bends indifferently.

Then deviate from the path. We spotted several bends on the navigation map and are intrigued as to how abruptly the station wagon will round the corners. Everything here is excellent, although it is not overly athletic.

The station wagon’s steering is straight and non-toxic, and its road position is deep and full. It maintains a straight course and late understeers. Only rapid alternate turns, a frantic throttle pedal, and cold tires make the PHEV nervous, but a little loose rear end does not affect the performance of a sporty station wagon.

Enough exercise has been completed. We utilize e-mode to relax. Powered by two electric motors, the 508 can go up to 140 km/h or around 40 kilometers (but not at this pace). With the chassis eased, we are able to appreciate the well-shaped and stylish leather-Alcantara seats, which should provide sufficient comfort for even longer trips. Additionally, ornamental seams in kryptonite emerge often here. We will have to adjust to this vibrant hue. The GTI red was also lovely.

If you want to drive quickly, you must pay appropriately.

Peugeot seeks 67,940 euros for its PSE. A hefty price for a station wagon that would be offered beginning at EUR 34,700. However, he is also beautifully outfitted. Optional extras include a more powerful onboard charger, a type 2 charging cable, a panoramic roof, and two other colors. Everything else has already been completed.

There are very few of them, but they would be equally formidable and costly opponents. For example, an A6 55 TFSi e Quattro with 367 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. Alternatively, a Mercedes E 300 e station wagon (320 hp, 700 Nm). In any case, we anticipate the first comparison test.

Peugeot Sport or not, the station wagon is not an exciting athlete in the old GIT meaning. However, it is a quick, capacious, and comfortable plug-in hybrid station wagon with a thrilling engine combination and a beautiful, roomy exterior.