2023 harvest improvements

2023 harvest improvements

If Lexus ES launched in 2018 and restyled in 2021, Japanese engineers present us with a new update of its first sedan. We are not talking here about a revolution in beauty – though – but in fact about a technological evolution to doES even more modern.

That’s why Lexus has completely overhauled its multimedia system. The latter is designed to improve access to information, communication and entertainment, designers provide faster speeds than the old system. Ergonomics has been greatly improved and has a more intuitive operation, while offering new functions. These include wireless smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay (or wired connectivity via Android Auto), cloud-based navigation and voice recognition.
The sedan is now equipped with a voice assistant Hello Lexus ». It allows voice control of the phone, sound system, climate and internet research. By recognizing 19 different European languages, it can obey instructions given in a known language. For example, if someone says “I feel cold”it will increase the temperature in the passenger compartment.
Cloud-based navigation provides access to the latest real-time traffic information to help plan journeys and avoid delays, as well as local fuel prices and parking information. With the upgrade of the system through the Internet, owners can now communicate with them Lexus ES through the program. Lexus Link allows you to lock or unlock the doors, turn on the hazard warning lights and turn on the air conditioning or heating before getting into the car.

To makeES even more pleasant to live in, the center console of the passenger compartment has been redesigned. This now fits 2 cup holders and places the wireless smartphone charger outside the dashboard for easy access. And where before there were 2 USB-A ports and an auxiliary port, now there is a USB-A port for playing high-resolution audio sources and a USB-C port for charging devices.

Another change in the passenger compartment, Cream upholstery has been replaced with Sand upholstery. When I wrote you that this Lexus ES past 2023 did not produce a style change, note that this should be quoted. For, if true style of Lexus ES does not change, we can still choose a ES different aesthetically.
By choosing to the new F SPORT Design finish, which is the first in the series Lexus ES.
Positioned in the center of the range, it is distinguished by 19-inch black alloy wheels, a choice of 9 exterior colors and 4 interior colors, and badges. F SPORT Design on each front filter.

The first presentation of 2023 Lexus ES are scheduled for October. To get behind the wheel, you will have to pay a minimum of €55,490. The Lexus ES 300h F SPORT model claims €59,990.