2022 Subaru Forester Premier: Ready for Anything

2022 Subaru Forester Premier: Ready for Anything

Special collaboration, Marc Bouchard, automotive journalist

The 2022 Subaru Forester, in its Premier version like any other, is a real jack for all commercial vehicles. If it does not make a big difference by 2022, it is still evolving, with its ability to function as a family car, and as an adventure car.

And there is no question of changing the active ingredient. Subaru has a group of loyal customers, who buy a car from the brand year after year and who have continued their entire lives in the Subaru catalog. If they started with Impreza, they often end with Forester, whose unidentified features are often recognized.

A word of warning, however: innovation and danger in structure are not part of Subaru’s values. We prefer to gamble on known and proven features. As evidenced by cowards, but nevertheless, improvements made to the 2022 Subaru Forester.

Why Subaru

You buy a Subaru for safety and comfort. These are the two main features found mainly in Forester.

Because when it comes to security, Subaru is a former master. Honey, my partner 25 years ago, swears by driving a Subaru in the winter when the situation gets worse. Because it is by relying on one of the most efficient systems to drive all the wheels on the market that Subaru has managed to preserve its personality. This is also the main reason why Chérie is not defending her brand appreciation.

As with most parts of Subarus, the Forester has a full-time all-wheel drive. Basically, this means that the driver never has to intervene in order to achieve improved compatibility.

In addition, the system is capable of transmitting torque and force from front to back, and from left to right. Of course, this makes it easy to climb in the harsh winter conditions, but it also has a direct impact on care, even on days when Mother Nature is less grumpy.

In addition, the X-Mode calculator option has been added to Forester. In summary, the simple click of a button significantly increases the action of all-wheel drive. On slippery surfaces, they speed up response time and simplify retrieval. On steep slopes, it provides better speed control, while on steep slopes, it will take care of keeping you in place. Type of all-wheel drive, finally an improved version!

When it comes to safety, however, Forester has the advantages… and disadvantages that both sit under one hat: it has a set of safety features called Eye Sight. Which in general works well, it must be accepted, which is a benefit.

On the other hand, cameras that feed the system are mounted directly on the rearview mirror. Which, on sunny days, is not recommended because if the driver is blinded, the camera is also blinded and turned off.

Under the hat

The Subaru Forester is not a race model, apart from that. The 2.5-liter flat-4 engine with its 181 horsepower is sufficient in almost all cases. But her marriage with a continuous automatic transmission is not happy. Yes, the Subaru imitated 8 speed changes and yes, for the average driver, the nuance would be minimal. I must point out, however, that the acceleration gives way to a compelling noise, suggesting that the engine would like to get out from under the hood.

Add to all this enjoyment, worth mentioning, and a fun trip in general, and you will have in Subaru Forester a solid companion for your events, urban or semi-rural!

In the podcast

Of course, in the podcast, Marc gives all the details of his Subaru Forester test and his driving sensations. But he also repented, after testing the Ford Bronco 4 door and valuing it more than the 2 door door.

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