2022 Kia Forte GT: Keywords

2022 Kia Forte GT: Keywords

2022 Kia Forte GT

1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder (201 hp @ 6,000 rpm, 195 lb-ft @ 1,500 rpm)

Distribution of two seven-speed discs, front wheel drive

27 city / 35 highways / 30 plus (EPA, MPG rating)

8.7 city / 6.6 highway / 7.8 together. (NRCan rating, L / 100km)

Base price: US $ 24,485 / C $ 31,834

Tested: US $ 26,840 / C $ 32,084

Prices include targeted fees of $ 995 in the United States and $ 1,839 for transportation, PDI and A / C taxes in Canada and, due to differences in cross-border equipment, cannot be compared directly.

I will admit that I am not a university-educated linguist, but I will struggle forever when I encounter the misuse of English. Examples include the best Alanis Morissette who uses the word “sarcasm” only by accident, and the widespread misuse of “realism” by my children when describing an example.

In the area I am most familiar with, we can consider the offensive placement of various sedans and crossovers as “coupes” because of their roof slopes. Another is the misuse of the “GT” badge, a violation that many car manufacturers have committed for decades. GT, of course, meant Grand Touring – and since then it has been claimed by various race series to refer to race cars based on street cars.

I don’t know what definition was considered when the 2022 Kia Forte GT was being developed.

I admit that I was very optimistic when I realized that the Forte GT would happen on my driveway. I was buying my next car and I thought something with a 200 horsepower and two-part transmission would be better – usually imagining something with the same functionality as the late VW GTI model. Two pedals were preferred because I have two in-house drivers who don’t like or can’t drive the guidelines, so when browsing the car manufacturer’s websites by choice, Forte GT came out.

In normal use, the Forte GT is a very good traveler. Internal comfort is good for the front and back, and the controls fall off easily. The 10.25-inch touch screen is as good as any other Kia, with a real button for voice controls and the best non-additional controls on the steering wheel. The Harmon / Kardon high quality stereo sounds great on these ears, and I appreciate the wireless charging and Android Auto / Apple CarPlay compatibility. The strange thing is that the big touch screen in this version of GT does not provide Android / Apple wireless – a cord is required. Lower pieces with an eight-inch screen can connect wirelessly, though.

The interior material is very good considering the price brackets, with comfortable SynTex seats (decent artificial leather) and steering wheel pad, all decorated with red stitches. Trunk space is also light – 15.3 cubic feet of everything that can be filled in the luggage compartment.

The red (because red is fast, isn’t it?) Goes on the outside, with red on the grille and around the LED fog lights. Other than the GT alloy 18-wheel alloy wheels and the small badge on the rear, there is nothing more to inform the audience that you are in a high-speed car.

That might be a good thing, because even though the GT gets 54 horsepower over the standard Forte and the actual gear transmission over the standard CVT, that’s not what I’m looking for. would call quickly. Additionally, that extra power does not drive a car that needs to be driven with enthusiasm. The Forte GT will come off the corner just fine, but the handling is so poor and so communicative that you find yourself looking for fun roads at first.

Of course, the handling is appropriate for the bottom – this is a standard compact sedan. But some front-end drivers like the GTI mentioned above are eager to be driven. Even Hyundai’s cousin knows what it takes to make this platform dance while using the N. badge.

The Forte GT uses a different rear suspension configuration than the lower versions of the Forte – free suspension for multiple joints, compared to the vertical beam axle on the entire column. Maybe a back market track with better shocks / insults paired with a more stabilizing back bar will encourage this Kia to come out and play?

Look, the 2022 Kia Forte GT is a solid car for this price. Excellent warranty, good interior comfort and solid infotainment make it a difficult choice not to accept if you are looking for a small sedan. But that GT badge writes checks that engines and chassis can’t make money.

[Images: © 2022 Chris Tonn]

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