2022 Genesis GV70 First Drive |  Road tests

2022 Genesis GV70 First Drive | Road tests

Auto123 goes one step further 2022 Genesis GV70 first car.

The journey of the Genesis brand to reach this point in its development is interesting and unusual. We saw the Genesis name first associated with a high-end luxury sedan under the Hyundai banner, then the brand established itself with three sedans in its workforce, at a time when SUVs were eating up market share. . It wasn’t until last year that we saw the brand’s first utility model, the mid-size GV80.

Genesis development has always been a double-edged sword; The automaker’s high-quality, value-added models are winning accolades left and right, but sales aren’t necessarily keeping pace. The truth is that many luxury car consumers are reluctant to give up what brings the kidney-shaped grille, the four-ring logo or the silver star to venture into a brand that has not yet had time to develop its character. Don’t forget that the brand will be only five years old next November.

Hats off to Genesis for sticking to their plan. It’s a long game. And the game is entering a new milestone with the introduction of the 2022 Genesis GV70, the second SUV to hit the market. Why is it important? Because the luxury SUV segment is larger, more capable than the categories that the GV80 and the brand’s sedans fall into. At Genesis, it is believed that he alone could double the brand’s sales figures in Canada over the next two years.

We recently had the opportunity to test this new model and see if it has what it takes to make a real success in its segment.

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Of course, we have to compare the GV70 with its big brother, the GV80. It is an example whose shape is slightly square but which still betrays a strong family resemblance. The styling is quite impressive, and Genesis has managed to make this SUV a car that looks different from many others already on the market, without being flawed. Genesis’s words of athletic elegance are clear, with a sloping roofline, large grille, quad headlights and a sleek, refined rear end – which the Genesis logo now proudly displays. He no longer makes upholstery, the Genesis brand…

The GV70 comes in two main visual iterations, one focused on elegance, the other on athleticism. Our test model was the final configuration of the Sport version. This version of the model receives dark chrome accents, long air intakes, a dark chrome grille, a unique wheel design and a three-spoke steering wheel, among other unique features. The other variant features more refinement, getting metallic accents, improved front air intakes and an overall less aggressive look. Whatever you choose, there’s a lot to like about the model’s design, and not much to dislike.

Genesis also found that the GV70 is designed to attract not only new families to the brand, but also more female buyers. Looking closer, I’m not sure how the model is designed to achieve this, but I think its more rounded edges compared to the GV80 are part of it.

2022 GV70 Genesis Profile

2022 GV70 Genesis Profile

2022 Genesis GV70, interior

2022 Genesis GV70, interior

internal affairs
If you were hoping to get the latest technology and features in this new model, you were absolutely right. The multimedia screen is large (14.5 inches), and there is an optional 3D data/instrument display, equipped with infrared sensors to track the driver’s eyes. Oh, and there’s a new fingerprint reader, which allows each user to save their preferred settings for certain features and enable them without having to go through an on-screen menu.

In addition, you’ll get the usual extensive list of safety and driver assistance features, including Rear Cross-traffic Alert with a sensor that can detect small movements such as breathing. Additionally, the Genesis features a rear-row front-seat airbag, which prevents rear-row passengers from colliding in a crash.

When it comes to space, Genesis has done a good job of increasing space, especially in the back row (the GV70 is based on the same platform as the G70 sedan, which is not known for its generous space in the back). Here, thanks to the wheelbase extended by about 4 cm, passengers sitting in the back benefit from what one should expect from a small SUV. On top of both rows there is a sunroof (optional) which further enhances the image of the space. The trunk volume is sufficient (816 liters and 1610 liters), on par with other cars in the category.

2022 Genesis GV70, three-quarter rear

2022 Genesis GV70, three-quarter rear

Strength training
In addition to the sport/lime option, buyers can also, as part of this simple and straightforward offer, choose one of two powertrains: a turbocharged 2.5-liter inline-4 (300 horsepower, 311 lb-ft of torque) or a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 (375 horsepower, 391 lb-ft of torque), both mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. These motors are the same as those found in the larger GV80, and since the GV70 is lighter we get the power more for our money. In Canada, all versions come standard with all-wheel drive.

The drive mode selector allows you to switch between Eco, Comfort, Sport and Custom modes (and Sport+ in Sport versions) depending on your mood or situation. Not surprisingly, in my case, I found it very useful with the Sport mode, which allows you to adjust the settings so that you get a little more engine rumble, tighter steering and suspension, etc., without affecting the level of comfort.

2022 Genesis GV70 cap badge

2022 Genesis GV70 helmet badge

We had driven the new 2022 G70 shortly before this test, and while we expected the GV70 to fall short of this compact and exciting sedan to drive, the difference on the road is minimal. . The GV70 we drove came in Sport configuration with the larger engine, and we can’t wait to test drive the model with the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder just to discover the difference. But with the V6 the power on display is impressive, more than enough to give the car great acceleration and take full advantage of the excellent transmission that uses and controls that power.

While the GV80 sometimes struggles to make us forget its size in its handling, the smaller GV70 makes good use of the available power and offers agile performance. Especially in Sport mode, the steering feels solid and provides good feedback from the road, and the gear changes are absolutely flawless. The throttle response is excellent and very quick, allowing very strong acceleration from a standstill, but especially between 60 and 100 km / h.

There is little to say in terms of ride comfort. The seats are comfortable and highly adjustable, and the cabin is quiet at highway speeds. As for fuel economy, my average after a few days of highway driving was 10.8 liters/100 km, which isn’t amazing, but it’s not bad either. Big steps forward, of course, will come the day Genesis offers hybrid and possibly electric powertrains, but that’s for another day. Note that high octane gasoline is required (ie highly recommended) by both engines.

2022 Genesis GV70 Hatchback

The simplicity of the product offering I referred to is a Genesis trademark. So the GV70 is well-equipped from the base version and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on add-ons to enjoy a top-of-the-range car. The starting price for the base model is $49,000, which includes all freight and PDI, plus many other added values ​​including Genesis parking, free scheduled maintenance, connected Genesis services and map updates, all for years 5 / 100,000 km. This variant and the following three are equipped with a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder, and the maximum starting price is $ 63,000.

The two Sport versions, both of which get the V6, retail for $68,500 and $75,500.

Genesis GV70 2022, front light

That price is in line with high-end models on the market, but it’s on the lower end of the spectrum, and it’s even more impressive given that the Genesis packs the GV70 with most of the standard equipment that German automakers have a tendency to pack in. list them at a higher price. On the other hand, there still isn’t the same level of cachet associated with the Genesis name as that of BMW, Lexus or Audi. It is up to you to assess the relative importance of these factors.

However, our first meeting confirmed the high level of quality in design, interior and performance that we have come to expect from a Genesis model. We would be surprised and disappointed if it were otherwise. That said, the stakes are high for Genesis, which is entering a popular but fiercely competitive segment. We can say that a lot depends on the beautiful curved shoulders of the GV70.

Customers will be the final judge of the success of this big gamble, but in our opinion Genesis has a winner on its hands. Now, if only a hybrid or PHEV version was confirmed and on the way, we could be talking about a model that could cause quite a stir in the segment.

2022 Genesis GV70, long

2022 Genesis GV70, long

We like

Attractive exterior design
Comfortable and high quality interior
The power of the V6 is more than enough
High performance
A simplified and complete product offer
Unique Value

We like a little

The lack of cache makes the potential market value a question mark
We would like to hear at least one conversation about the hybrid

Great competition

Acura RDX
Audi Q5
BMW X3 / X4
Buick Envision
Cadillac XT5
Infiniti QX50
Lexus NX
Lincoln Corsair
Mercedes-Benz GLC
Volvo XC60

2022 Genesis GV70, rear

2022 Genesis GV70, rear



2022 Genesis GV70 photo