2016 Detroit Auto Show: Buick Avista Concept, the high-end Camaro of the future?  – Hot Hot

2016 Detroit Auto Show: Buick Avista Concept, the high-end Camaro of the future? – Hot Hot

Based on the Chevrolet Camaro, the Avista is Buick’s new coupe vision at the Detroit Auto Show, but will it finally be true after years of promise?

The eleventh coupe proposal, will this Avista be implemented for Buick?

Finally a coupe?

Buick has a difficult situation within the General Motors group. Between the generic Chevrolet and the luxury Cadillac, the room for maneuver is therefore reduced. for this 113-year-old brand, and more when it comes to visualizing the coupe. For years, Buick has been trying to achieve a vision of a premium segment, which can sit above the very accessible (in the US) Camaro, and take the place for a while.

So the Avisa concept car was born at the Detroit Auto Show, following the Riviera of 2007, the Velite of 2004 or the 2-2 Bengal of 2001. Based on the new generation Camaro, Buick is reviving the ’60s Rivierawhich was a luxury version of the muscle car, and “revives its historic performance roots”.

strength and beauty

In any case, Avista lines are successful, sweat the Camaro for its proportionsits shoulders and hips, but taking more codes shared by Opel, including the arrow crossing the front optics and the grille, bright to borrow from… Nissan 370Z.

The performance mentioned by Buick is there, through a The 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 petrol is rated at 400 horsepower, stop-start and cylinder deactivation, as well as an 8-speed automatic transmission and “Magnetic Ride Control” suspension. The interior combines shades of gray and deep black, completed with a large screen on the dashboard, with seconds as the central console of touch controls.

Good mission statement, Buick Avista finally a coupé that could restore the brand’s image, and should be shared with the expected Opel Monza. This concept car will be on display until January 24 at the Detroit Auto Show.